Ways in which employment or recruitment agencies can use bulk SMS are numerous. Already, we’ve seen how they can use this for vacancy notifications and how it can be used to schedule aptitude tests for Job applicants that fit a particular job description.


After the aptitude test has been conducted, and the results of the test forwarded to those concerned, which can also be done through SMS, the next thing that follows is the interview session. In some cases, interviews are the only assessment given to the applicants, without aptitude tests. While aptitude tests assess the overall intellectual capacity of the job applicant, an interview is more of a conversation between a representative of the firm and the job applicant, where the firm gets to hear firsthand what the person has to offer if employed.


The same way bulk SMS has been used for vacancy awareness, for scheduling aptitude test, so also employment agencies in collaboration with the firm can use bulk SMS to place interview appointments.

Once the decision has been taken to use a committee of friends in your wedding planning process, and those you wish to use have been identified, you can inform them of this using bulk SMS. Click here to see how. Also, there is a need to always have meetings of the committee members, as organized by the chairman of the committee. Bulk SMS can equally be used to arrange such meetings. Just in case you missed how, see here.


Another important thing bulk SMS can help you accomplish regarding committee of friends organization towards success of your wedding ceremony is delegation of roles and assignment. Here is how this can be done.

Emergencies are situations that are unexpected and often dangerous, posing an immediate risk to life, environment, health or property and thereby requiring an immediate and prompt action. Emergency situations that might affect residents of a place might range from natural disasters such as flooding, fire outbreak, and earthquakes e.t.c to terrorists attacks, service outage, health emergencies or diseases outbreak, oil spillage and so on.


In order to check these emergency situations and provide adequate awareness and help for victims or prospective ones, the government has agencies in place equipped to handle this. Among this agencies are police services, armed forces, fire services, health bodies and other relief sectors.


At the aftermath of events that poses risks to human life and property, or especially in cases of impending emergency situations, proper general public awareness and guidance is needed. Here is how bulk SMS can be used to address this situation.

We have already seen why committee of friends can play a major role towards the success of your big day; your wedding day. Also, the role bulk SMS can play in selecting members of your committee of friends has also been considered. Just in case you missed it, click here to see.


Choosing members of your committee of friends though is just a first step up the stairs; you are going to need to organize the committee so that everyone gets acquainted with latest developments in the planning process and up to scratch with what is required of each one of them. To do this, regular meetings of committee members have to be held.



There are numerous agencies in Nigeria that are established under the purview of the federal government of Nigeria. They perform varying functions as defined which their scope. Year in year out, vacant positions are opened up in these government agencies for grabs. The country in turn produces thousands of graduates, qualified ones year in year out to fill in these positions.


Some government agencies use the help of recruitment/employment agencies to assist in their recruiting process. These agencies uses bulk SMS extensively in organizing the process. See here how recruitment agencies uses bulk SMS for vacancies notifications.

Employments agencies can use bulk SMS to send vacancy notifications to job seekers who are hunting for jobs through the agency. Click here to see why bulk SMS is effective for this purpose. Once an organization or a firm who needs a particular employee though shows interest in someone with a particular level of expertise, the next thing the employment agency do is to look for those who ticks the boxes among their multitudes of applicants and schedule an aptitude test for such ones.


The same way it was with intimating such ones of vacancies using bulk SMS, so also bulk SMS will be a fitting way to organize and schedule the aptitude test with such ones. Here is how to go about that.

A wedding ceremony is no child’s play. It is an exciting occasion that can only reach that status with advance quality planning and preparation. You and your partner would get involved in a lot of things to ensure the big day is a success. You can therefore do with some help in lessening the burden on your shoulders.


Many couples get the help of wedding planners to assist with some of the arrangements needed for the big day. While this is equally effective, a committee of friends can do this for you effectively. A committee of friends comprises of bosom friends that are trustworthy, who handles specific functions towards the success of your wedding ceremony.



Non Governmental Organizations (NGOs) are established by individuals or group of individuals as a humanitarian service with the major objective of assisting people who are in need in the area of specialization of the NGO. Many NGO owners are driven towards this initiative as a service to their father land or the particular area they come from.


Because NGOs are simply there to serve the people, it is important that those that are to be served become aware that those particular organizations exist. There are lots of NGOs in Nigeria today that performs varying duties and people don’t know about them. The reason being that they haven’t done enough awareness to announce their presence. With the following suggestions though, once your NGO is set-up, you can get it into the ears of all that needs to know about it in no time.

One of the constant features of many tertiary institutions in Nigeria is fellowships or religious groups that are driven towards ensuring students’ religious education do not suffer at the expense of the academic education they come for.


Religious organizations who establish fellowship groups in school for students deserve recognition. This is because the school environment brings with it various pressures and temptations, and if care is not taken, even those with a good religious background might go astray.


If you are running a school fellowship though, and do feel like you can do with more members for the group, it’s time to give bulk SMS a shot and see how it transform it in no time. Here is how to go about it.

Among the many functions of a labor or trade union in any establishment is ensuring the good general well being of the workers under the union. This might include fighting to get deserved higher wages for the workers, ensuring adequate health care and also ensuring the safety of workers.


The importance of ensuring safety of workers at a place of work cannot be overemphasized. A factory fire in New York on March 25 1911 killed almost 146 workers, many of which were young women. That is very pathetic. In order to avoid cases like this, putting up adequate measures to ensure safety for workers at work is expedient.


We’ve already seen how trade unions can drive increased wages for workers, and bulk SMS has been shown to play a prominent role in this regard. Here though are some steps that can be taken to ensure improved safety standards for union workers in an organization, and the role bulk SMS plays:

Government agencies are organizations set-up to perform varying functions which are under the management of the government of a country. These agencies might function in the area of intelligence, security, electoral processes, agriculture, and sports e.t.c.


Among the various functions which the government of a country is dedicated to is ensuring security of her citizens. Over the years, the issue of security has become a very important one even in Nigeria as a case study.


In light of this, there are various intelligence agencies in Nigeria that have been put in place to help in the fight against criminal activities. Examples are the Nigeria Police Force (NPA) and the State Security Service (SSS).


Among the numerous steps that can be taken by these agencies in their fight against crimes, bulk SMS can be used effectively in curbing criminal activities to a large extent. Here is how this might be done.

Wedding invitation SMS can be seen as direct alternatives or compliments to invitation cards. On every wedding invitation cards, there are adequate details concerning those getting married and therefore, anybody picking it up can easily tell who they are. The invitation cards usually include the names of the couples and the names of the family they come from. Those serves as the sender ID in a wedding invitation card.


While using bulk SMS though, not every details included on an invitation card can be in a text message. Besides, the standard for an SMS sender ID will not allow you include all your names, your partner names and your individual parents name as a sender ID. Even with this though, you can still carve out a unique and informative sender ID for your wedding invitation SMS and still ensure no information gets lost.


Below are some few options of wedding invitation sender IDs that are widely used for wedding invitation text messages, and which seems to be the best.

Phase 1 of wedding invitation is the save-the-date. We've already seen how Bulk SMS can effectively be used for this and when it should be sent. After this comes phase 2 which is the first official invitation to the wedding. When and how this should be done has also been considered. Now, you are set for the third and final phase of your wedding invitation, which is wedding reminders.



For a memorable and successful wedding occasion, adequate planning a long time before the day is extremely important. We’ve considered how to go about the first phase of ensuring people gets informed about the event and attend, and that is how bulk SMS can be used for Save-the-date.


After the Save-the-date SMS must have been sent, the next thing is to send a formal invitation to all those you will want to attend your wedding ceremony. Well, before you take that limited cash and spend it all on printing invitation cards, you might want to check the article on Bulk SMS vs. Invitation cards-Why use bulk SMS for wedding invitation?


By now, you should be convinced about taking the same route you took for sending a Save-the-date, sending an SMS from a bulk SMS account for your wedding invitation. Let’s take a moment to consider when you should send the wedding invite, what should be included in the wedding invitation, and how you can use bulk SMS to accomplish this.

Excitement! Yes, what better word can be used to describe the feeling that comes with an upcoming long awaited wedding ceremony? It is one of the landmark events in people’s life. If you have a wedding ceremony coming on in the near future, very likely you want your relatives, friends and well wishers to grace this solemn occasion.


If you are still in doubt as to which means is best for intimating these persons of the wedding ceremony, click here to see 3 major reasons why bulk SMS must be prioritized ahead of invitation cards for that purpose. Once you are convinced, all you need to do is register a bulk SMS account and then you are good to go.


Well, to get all those you want to grace your wedding occasion present on your big day, it takes a lot of planning. Infact, in the area of invitation alone, there are stages of invitation messages that must be sent at the right time interval so your wedding doesn’t be a disaster. The first phase is a ‘save-the-date’. Let us just take you through briefly; what is ‘save the date’? Why do you need to send a ‘save the date’? , who should you send it to? When should you send it? And how do you go about it?



With the advent and popularity of courier services today, people can now get packages delivered to families and friends either within a particular city or somewhere else with little or no fuss. You simply get the package into the hands of the courier, pay for the delivery, and it gets delivered to the recipient.


Because of what is involved in shipping an item, most times of immense value, to someone through an unknown system or person, people who use courier services usually treasure honesty, quick delivery and security of the consignment in question. With hard work, commitment and the use of the appropriate system and tools, your courier company can make a name for itself as a reliable and a go to firm for efficient delivery of packages.


One way to keep the trust and confidence of your customers is providing them with an update about the status of delivery of the consignment. That way they can track it and follow it as it moves from the sender to the receiver. There are various ways you can decide to disseminate this delivery status to your customers, from calls to the use of emails. However, bulk SMS has proven to be the most cost effective and efficient way of informing customers of consignment delivery status. See here how bulk SMS compares with Email in marketing.

It is an abiding interest in humans to get naturally attracted to people that they share the same culture, interests and norms with. It comes as no surprise then that in every place you go to, you find people who are from the same area, have the same culture and speak the same language coming together to form an association, called cultural association or tribal association. This might be in school, at a workplace or even in another land far from their roots.


The benefits of such associations cannot be overemphasized. When there is unity, a lot can be accomplished. Through such associations, the members can unite to fight for rights and dues from the area they are. However, in order for the overall objectives of the association to be accomplished, adequate leadership is needed. Bulk SMS can be used for organizing election of people into executive positions in the association who can represent her and her interests well.



Simply put, what employment agencies or recruitment agencies does is to match job seekers that are qualified for a particular role with the employers. With the sky rocketing increased rate of unemployment in Nigeria today, it is not surprising to see lots of employment agencies evolving on a regular basis.



Labor unions or trade unions as they are sometimes called are organizations or groups of workers in an establishment that comes together to achieve a common goal. This might be to get better working conditions, to get adjustment to firms’ policies that are not beneficial, to get higher pay, or a combination of all this.


Unfortunately, many workers working in different firms are underpaid by the organization in relation to their qualifications and years of service. In situations like this, the labor union has a responsibility towards ensuring the workers belonging to the union get their due.

Entrepreneurship is becoming the game changer in economies all over the world, Nigeria inclusive. Therefore, when people are willing to look away from the so-called white collar jobs and build a life of financial security for themselves by being their own boss, they deserve to be commended.


Small Scale Businesses or sometimes called SMEs are on the increase today. Because of the size of the business and the size of the capital available, such businesses run on a slim marketing budget. As such, if you are into a small scale business, you will need to invest on affordable marketing mediums that will bring a favorable return on investment in making your business grow.


Lots of small scale business owners push the little revenue they get from their business into marketing or advertisement techniques that are overly expensive and less profitable. Here though are some nice modes of marketing for a small and medium scale enterprise:

The Eid El Kabir sallah for 2015 is upon us. Get loads of sample Eid El Kabir greetings, prayers, quotes and goodwill messages for the Eid al Adha celebration. It is a great collection of sample messages that you can send to relatives, colleagues, staffs, friends, customers, acquaintances, workmates, schoolmates and other loved ones.



Each sunrise, each start of the day, every morning gives us an opportunity to chase our dreams and pursue our goals. It is a privilege to see each morning ray. On SmartSMSSolutions, we have sample good morning SMS that you can send to friends and relatives.

New users can first register an account to access the sample messages and start sending.


We’ve had bulk SMS users ask this question on a regular basis; “Is there a validity period for the SMS units in my bulk SMS account?” “If I do not use my bulk SMS units for many months or years, will I still meet it there or will they expire?” Here is a satisfying answer to your concerns concerning your bulk SMS account.

On Fridays, Muslim brothers and sisters all over Nigeria gather at different locations for religious prayers. It’s yet another Friday and we have loads of sample Jumu’ah Mubarak, muslim Friday prayers and goodwill messages that you can send to families and friends.

You can register a free bulk SMS account if you do not have one, to get access to these sample messages and start sending.


SmartSMSSolutions has arguably the most affordable pricing plan of any bulk SMS service provider without hidden charges, a pricing plan that affords you the opportunity to pay less as you buy more SMS units. On SmartSMSSolutions, a unit of SMS by the pricing plan goes for as low as N1:35K.In addition to this affordable pricing plan, SmartSMSSolutions runs the biggest bulk SMS service promo tagged the One Naira Day

Life brings with it different challenges, problems and difficulties. Added to this is personal discouragement and feelings of inadequacy. The chance is that all of us know of someone going through a tough time that will definitely appreciate an inspirational quote as a text message. You can get lots of them on SmartSMSSolutions’ sample SMS store.


New user? You can register a free bulk SMS account and get full access to these sample messages to send to loved ones.



Here are a few sample inspirational text messages, SMS and quotes on SmartSMSSolutions:

Time and again, we’ve had questions from our registered clients on whether or not it is possible to make payment for bulk SMS units using recharge card(s). In view of this, we deem it expedient to provide a satisfying response to this question.

All of us have people who are dear to us whom we call friends. You can just imagine what a surprise friendship SMS from you can do for such ones. Get loads of free friendship text messages and greetings from SmartSMSSolutions’ sample messages store.


New users can register an account and get access to these messages.



Here are some of the sample friendship text messages, goodwill messages and SMS:

For some modes of payment, sending details of payment to SmartSMSSolutions contact lines after making payment for bulk SMS units is not a necessity, but for other modes of payment, it facilitates faster crediting of your bulk SMS account. In view of this, here are the particular necessary details you should forward after making payment for bulk SMS units for faster crediting of your bulk SMS account depending on the mode of payment.

With bulk SMS, you can command a crowd to grace your birthday ceremony. To get a simple yet appealing sample birthday invitation SMS, we have loads of these on SmartSMSSolutions.


New users can sign up a free bulk SMS account to get started. Find below some sample free birthday invitation text messages. Please note that the placeholders i.e. #....# will have to be replaced with the relevant information to be there.



Some of our bulk SMS service users usually ask this question; “Is it possible to delete sent messages on my bulk SMS account?”, and the answer plus the reason for the stance taken is not far-fetched.

Love is a bond that keeps families, friends and couples together. Whether you belong to a family, have a spouse or have someone you are dating, a well composed love message that reinforce your love and affection for such ones can do wonders. Our sample SMS store has loads of love text messages you can share with your loved ones.


If you are a new user, you can sign up an account; access those messages and start sending.



Here are a few of the sample love text messages and SMS on SmartSMSSolutions’ sample SMS store:

Is there a Fidelity bank branch close to where you stay? Or maybe you are an account holder with Fidelity bank plc? Here is how to buy bulk SMS units for your account at any Fidelity bank branch in Nigeria and get credited instantly.

Do you have a bank account with Guarantee Trust Bank (GTB) Nig. PLC? If yes, do you know you can make transfer of funds from your mobile phone at the comfort of your house using the GTB mobile transfer provision?


On May 2015, GTB introduced the mobile transfer service which allows you to recharge your phone, make transfers and manage your bank account with your mobile phone.



“I have a dream that one day this nation will rise up and live out the true meaning of its creed”. Thus began Martin Luther King’s famous manifesto -I Have a Dream. In this single statement, he epitomizes the basic content of a rich manifesto.


It’s been proven beyond doubt that bulk SMS is a very effective means of pushing out political manifesto for electoral positions aspirants. If this manifesto was to be given on a podium either in a large crowd or on a television, it would be possible to make it a long comprehension depending on the time afforded to the person. But since SMS are usually short, sometimes it becomes a challenge to put all the aspiration and goals in a single SMS while still keeping it short. There is an easy way of going about this though.

Here is a list of 5 most popular scam messages trending today, most probably you will identify with one or more of these.


1. COURIER SERVICES: Courier services are services that deal with delivery of messages, mails and packaging. This delivery is usually done using bicycles, motorcycles and sometimes Lorries.


Some potential scammers are using messages of courier to tell people they have packages that aren’t real and then request them to pay a fee to clear it.


At SmartSMSSolutions, we provide you a quality bulk SMS platform on which you can send your business messages, association messages, personal text messages and a whole lot more. But towards ensuring an exciting bulk SMS experience for you, we also give you ideas for any message you want to send at all.


SmartSMSSolutions has a store of Sample SMS on different categories, depending on which kind of message you wish to send. These sample messages can be used directly or as an idea of what to send while modifying them as you desired. A quick look at some of the interesting sample SMS categories we have in our sample messages store.

So you are on the QuickTeller website and in the process of making online payment for bulk SMS units, and you get to the stage where you are asked to input your CVV2 number. You get hooked and from here you do not know how to proceed. Not anymore, see what CVV2 is and why you need to provide this during online payment for bulk SMS units.


There are various ways politicians can use bulk SMS effectively in winning elections and staying relevant among the populace after that and one of them is in pushing out political manifesto.


Political manifesto is a public declaration made by a political aspirant before an election that explains his ideas, aims and all he hopes to accomplish during his tenure if he gets elected. The conventional way through which these are publicized today are through organized rallies, TV media, posters, billboards and other print media. Bulk SMS though can be a game change in creating public awareness of political manifesto and thus winning elections.

It has been proven beyond doubt that everyone needs bulk SMS service. Not only is it suitable for firms, organizations and businesses, it is also fitting for personal use and one of the ways individuals can use bulk SMS is for birthday ceremony invitation.

Are you a registered bulk SMS service user and sometimes have difficulties sending bulk SMS using your phone? Do this happen while using a mobile application or trying to send messages using a browser on the phone? Whatever the case, here is why you might have this difficulty sometimes and how to handle it.

There might be times when you need to use a particular feature on SmartSMSSolutions website but have little difficulty on how to go about it. Do you know there is a standard site map on the website that directs you to any content at all you desire on the SmartSMSSolutions official website?


There is a site map on the bulk SMS website that lists all the sub-content of both the items on the main menu and the ones on the bottom menu on the website.


Bulk SMS users understand that sender IDs are what appear to recipients of an SMS as the source or sender of the message. If you are using the bulk SMS service for business marketing, which you rightly should, your chosen unique sender ID can transform your business in various ways, either positively or negatively.

Here are some various ways business marketing SMS sender IDs can transform your business in no time:

It is a good thing of note that many top business men and women now uses SMS marketing extensively in promoting their business. However, in the area of SMS marketing, there are major dos and don’ts that must be understood if the marketing campaign is to be a success.

Given that bulk SMS is proven to be a cheap and equally effective form of communication, it comes as no surprise that many marketers use this medium of marketing. Here though are 6 common mistakes of SMS marketers that you should avoid I you’re just starting an SMS marketing campaign or have one planned for the future.

Interestingly, bulk SMS as an effective means of communication is becoming very popular among Nigerians today. Due to this fact, there are currently many bulk SMS platforms in Nigeria offering bulk SMS services. Among these options though, the obvious choice will be the one that offers quality service, its easy to use, affordable and satisfies the user’s needs.

If you're still not convinced on the best bulk SMS platform to use, here are some of the exciting features of SmartSMSSolutions that should make this bulk SMS provider your obvious indisputable choice.

The history of sending text messages dates back to more than 2 decades ago. Since the year the first text message was sent, SMS has grown to become an integral system of communication all over the world.


Did you download the SmartSMSSolutions’ Android mobile application recently? Perhaps you could do with a little assistance on the features of the application and how to use it? Here are some of the provisions on the mobile application and how you can use it to send bulk SMS.


Our mobile phone is a blessing when it comes to ease of communication. Because of the size of computers, it is difficult to keep moving with them everywhere we go. So what happens when you have an urgent message you wish to send on the move without your computer? SmartSMSSolutions’ mobile application is the smart solution to that need.


What do I do when I send a bulk SMS and some recipients of the message do not get it? There are some factors that might cause partial delivery of bulk SMS. Once those factors have been identified, the next thing after a message has been sent is to check up the delivery report of the bulk SMS.


On the delivery report segment of your bulk SMS account, you have delivery status code attached to each recipient’s phone number. It is important to understand what each code mean in order to know what action to take if particular recipients do not get the sent message.

Partial delivery of bulk messages occurs when you send messages to many numbers and some recipients gets it while some do not. Probably you’ve experienced partial delivery of bulk SMS at one time or the other during your use of bulk SMS service. There is an explanation for this though and of course there is a solution for that.


  • 10 Free SMS on Sign-Up
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