Refer and Earn

. . . Unlimited Referral Points Forever!

SmartSMSSolutions now offers the first of its kind "Refer-And-Earn" Program. You can continue to earn points INDEFINITELY when you refer people to SmartSMS and they use our products.

Your points can be withdrawn as CASH to your desired bank account, converted to SMS Units  . . . read more


  • What is Refer-And-Earn?

      This is a simple way for you to earn unlimited cash rewards or SMS Units by referring people to SmartSMSSolutions. This service is free.

  • Why Participate?

      Everyone is a winner with this program! No raffle draw. You continue to earn points as long as those you referred continue to use our services.

  • I'm Referred. What Next?

      If you are referred by someone to SmartSMSSolutions, click here to enter the Client ID of your referrer and get 20 free SMS units INSTANTLY.

  • User Guide

      Click here for a comprehensive userguide on how to use Refer-and-Earn. You will also find resources that can help you get more referrals and earn points faster.

  1. Dashboard

    • View Your Client ID
    • Your Referrals List
    • Update your Profile
    • See your Earned Points

    Dashboard Click Here

  2. Invite

    • Invite Others by SMS
    • Different Messages
    • Client ID Auto-Included
    • Multiple Invitations

    Invite Others Click Here

  3. Point History

    • Details of My Points
    • Primary Referals' Points
    • Points Sources
    • Monitor Points

    Points History Click Here

  4. Web Links

    • Generate Web Links
    • Generate Web Banners
    • Simple Copy & Paste
    • Place Links on Websites

    Web Links Click Here

  5. Share Links

    • Share your Client ID
    • On Facebook
    • On Twitter
    • On Google+

    Share Links Click Here


Conversion to Cash Currently Unavailable

Please conversion of Referral Points to Cash is currently unavailable. Please be assured that we working on this so that it can be implemented soonest.

At the moment, you can convert your points to SMS units.

We shall duly inform you, once this is available. We regret all inconveniences. Thanks.