Easily create and manage sub-accounts from your account

SMS Domain

Save money and improve productivity by managing your communication with SMS Domain.


Creating sub-accounts is free. No extra cost.

Share Contacts

Maintain a single contact database and share with sub accounts.


Sub-accounts enjoy all the benefits of the portal except admin restrictions.

Unlimited SubAccounts

There are no limits on the number of sub-accounts that can be created.

Track Usage

Monitor and track accounts activities of sub-accounts.

Full Control

The Admin account has the full control of the sub-accounts.

Transfer Units

Easily and freely Transfer units/credits to and from sub-accounts.


Monitor sub-accounts communication to maintain standards.

Unique Access

No need for shared login details. Each sub-account has a unique access.


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SMS Domain gives you the platform to create, monitor and manage your team's SMS activities in one place.

How SMS Domain can Help my Team and Businesses.

Discount on Bulk Purchase

Save money by pooling all purchases into a single account and transfering to sub accounts later

Prevent Units Theft

Prevent units theft by monitoring each team members communications and SMS balances.


Be sure that all communication with clients are in accordance with your corporate policy.


Improve your account security by avoiding log-in credential sharing.

Be the Boss

Avoid an ugly situation where an employee holds you to ransom with your SMS account.


Save cost by applying the principles of Division of Labour to your corporate communications.


Easily monitor your employees communication with your client without compromising your SMS account


Set up sub-account for each class and departments.

Religious Organizations

Sub accounts can be created for different groups and departments


Separate account can be set up for each Executive Member.

Software Developers

You can use the sub-account system for each client.


Create a unique SMS account for each outlet


I want to create my first Sub-Account

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