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SmartSMS helps businesses like yours deliver their messages to their clients/customers successfully using SMS, voice, and email

We are trusted by over 45,000 businesses.


Successfully and effectively reach your customers through their preferred channel to boost your business sales

Bulk SMS

Send SMS to any phone number using our online SMS portal. Flahs SMS, phone book, and delivery reports are available.



Get your OTPs delivered to all phone numbers using our pre-approved Sender IDs for transactional bind (bank route)


Transactional SMS

Deliver transactional updates using SMS over the financial bind to phone numbers regardless of their DND status.


Voice OTP

Easily validate individuals and transactions using voice regardless of DND status. Pay for answered calls only.


Promotional SMS

Market your product and services to propestive customers using SMS to non-DND phone numbers


SIM Hosting

Boost your sales with programmable SIM/2-way SMS using a hosted SIM. Auto-reply, auto-subscription via SMS besides others.


Thinking of effective communication for your business?

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Simple Pricing

All our products and services have simple and plain pricing. You pay for what you use. For the quality we offer, we offer the pricing in the industry.

Robust Infrastructure

With an infrastructure that can handle millions of requests per hour, we've got you covered regardless of your transaction volume.

Excellent Support

You have access to our support 24/7 and a dedicated account manager. Regardless of the channel of communication you prefer, we've got you covered

Speedy Delivery

We believe that successful communication is the one that is delivered on time. We give optimum priority to the speed of delivery to ensure your business' success.

Robust API Documentation

The API documentation is simple yet robust. It provides an easy platform your integrate our product and service into your existing applications. The endpoints are well documented and designed well enough to simplify your integration process. Sample codes for over 20 programming languages included.
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