How to Use Bulk SMS as a Class Representative

  28 July 2015

Class representatives in tertiary institutions have a great responsibility on their shoulders. Organizing a class consisting of different individuals from differing backgrounds and characters can be really challenging.


Amigst the challenges though, such leadership position can be quite exciting and it stands you in good stead to take up bigger leadership roles in the near future. One of the essential key to being a successful class representative is adequate communication with the other members of the class and bulk SMS can be used in accomplishing this.



One way to use bulk SMS as a class representative is in intimating class members of the lecture Timetable. As someone in a leadership position, a class representative must be ready to make the sacrifice of copying out the school time table and sending it to the class members. This is a good first impression if you are new in this role. It shows the students that you are ready to serve them and have their interest at heart.


Important information to students is the examinations. Once the exam timetable is out, every student wants to be intimated with it to avoid missing any exams. In some schools, since the exam Timetable is usually posted on a board, some students decide to tear it off or keep it for themselves. Those who couldn’t get to it before it was removed won’t have trusted information about the date and time for the exams. As a class representative, once the exam timetable is ready, you are to ensure you get it promptly and can do the class a Favor by forwarding the program to them as a text message. They will really appreciate this.


At sometimes there might be adjustments in lectures schedule and emergencies such as cancellation of some lectures or fixing of lectures. Such important information can be passed across to the students quickly through bulk SMS. You wouldn’t want the students to miss a lecture because they were not informed or spend time and money to come for a lecture only to realize it wouldn’t hold.


Assignment reminders can also be passed across to students through the use of bulk SMS. Most times, some students are not in class when the assignments are given, and some might even forget. It is still the responsibility of the class representative to let them know.


There might also be some General information, reminders and news that can be disseminated through bulk SMS. This may include reminders about departmental congress meetings, national conferences, upcoming wedding ceremony of class mates, holiday goodwill messages e.t.c.


In communicating with the students, most of the class representative today uses phone calls and social media channels for this purpose. While both have their advantages, phone calls are quite costlier than bulk SMS and social media platforms needs data bundle to connect and in situations where a student do not have data, he/she might not get the information. SMS though do not have that demerit. It’s cheap and has a large outreach.


With bulk SMS, you can create a good reputation for yourself as an efficient leader and can help you if you want to vie for another leadership role later in the future.


If you have an executive role in the departmental association though, there are more ways you can use bulk SMS effectively. See them here.


As a student representative, you would need a cheap and affordable bulk SMS platform that equally offers quality service. We have all you need. Register a free bulk SMS account now and get free SMS units to test the service.


What do you think of ways bulk SMS can be used by class representatives? Let us know in the comment box below.





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