zWiift - Send BulkSMS without the internet.

Send bulk SMS to phonebook groups without the internet

How to Send Bulk SMS to Phone Book Groups Without the Internet

Send as SMS msg#password#phonebook_group#sender_id#your_message to 08134443999.

msg = The code needed by the SMS Server to process this request.
password = Your SmartSMSSolutions account password
phonebook_group = The name of the phonebook group you want to send the message
sender_id =This will appear on each recipient's phone as the sender. Banned IDs.
your_message = The message you want to send

The sender_id slot can be empty. The code will then be msg#password#phonebook_group##your_message

Expected Result

Your message will be sent and a confirmation message will be sent to you.

msg#zyx.321#My Teammates#My Message#Be reminded of our meeting.