On SmartSMSSolutions, we have shown that it is possible to save phone numbers inside your bulk SMS account using the phone book. It is equally possible to send bulk SMS to phone numbers saved on your notepad. All of these provisions are in order to ensure ease of sending bulk messages i.e. not having to re-type phone numbers anytime you want to send your messages.


What if the people you want to send bulk SMS to regularly happen to be those whose phone numbers are saved on your mobile phone?

In the first part of this series on how hotel managers can use bulk SMS effectively, 5 ways of doing this were analyzed. Here are 5 more ways hotels can use bulk SMS to drive traffic and make more profit.

One of the numerous richly rewarding large scale businesses in Nigeria is hotel and hospitality management. Provided you select the perfect strategic environment as the location, and have a beautiful structure and system, hotel business can be a very valuable one.

Most times though, many hotels do not really last long in the market and their relevance fades. It is not uncommon to find many of them even with nice structures lacking customers and therefore not getting value for the endeavor. Additionally, competitions may be much and it becomes difficult to stay relevant.

Bulletin Billboards are large advertising structures located primarily on highways, expressways and major busy roads. Lots of modern day politicians uses this in pushing out awareness for their political interests and campaigns.


Lots of advantages are associated with this medium of political campaign, not least due to its size and visibility, making it an attention grabber, something that is massively needed for any political campaign to be a success.


Here is a tussle of power between bulk SMS and bulletin billboards on which has the bragging right when it comes to ensuring a more successful political campaign.

Everyone involved in politics, either the one vying for a post or the ones doing the voting will agree that the success of any figure in any political election depends largely on the campaigns prior to the elections.


Regardless of the level where the election is, is it the school election, the community ward level, the local government level, state or even the national level, a very popular means of campaign has been the use of posters.


Many persons have used this extensively and have gone ahead to win their elections, making lots of people believe that this is a very fitting and effective campaign medium. Here though are some facts about use of posters for political campaign and the use of bulk SMS to see which really is more effective looking at the big picture.


Communication is a very important part of everyday living in Nigeria and the world all-over. Bulk SMS is a ready solution to this great need.

If we find a suitable platform that allows us communicate with friends, families and loved ones for free, we will all want to run at it. Well, here it is, closer than ever.

In the first part of this series on how politicians can use bulk SMS effectively to win over the masses and have their names indelibly written in the political sands of time, 5 ways of doing this was considered. Here are 5 other ways bulk SMS can be used effectively on the podium of politics.

According to an Italian poet who died many years ago, Dante Alighieri, “the secret of getting things done is to act”. That has been one of the motto of successful politicians over the years. With the competition so rampant in the political arena, anyone who fails to act is planning to fail. Now, the underlying secret is not just to act but to act in the right way.


In a bid to be successful, many political activists have gone with the use of the conventional modes of ensuring success; TV campaigns, use of posters, bill boards, newspapers and street rallies among others. Competition though only exists when you are vying to win in the same area as everyone else, whereas personal visions are unique.

It was March 2014 when the WHO declared the deadly Ebola virus outbreak in the African country of Guinea. Over the next few months that follows, this epidemic was to spread to other African countries of Mali, Senegal, Nigeria, Liberia and Sierra Leone, with advanced cases reported in Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone, killing over 10,000 people from over 20,000 cases reported across the 3 countries over the next 12 months.


In a bid to fight this epidemic that threatened the African continent, on December 2nd 2014, the African Union (AU) launched the ‘Africa against Ebola SMS Campaign’ to raise funds in fighting this epidemic.

Was the SMS campaign a success? To a large extent it was.

On 2nd February 2010, NAFDAC introduced the mobile authentification service (MAS) towards her fight against fake and counterfeit drugs.

Here are some basic facts about the MAS codes and the SMS short codes NAFDAC uses for this service.

According to a statistic revealed by the World Health Organization (WHO), about 100,000 deaths that occurs in Africa every year results from fake and counterfeit drugs.

In her fight against fake and counterfeit drugs in Nigeria, the National Agency for Food and Drug Administration and Control (NAFDAC) has tried different technologies over the years toward detecting fake and counterfeit drugs.

Here is the story so far on NAFDAC’S Mobile Authentification Service (MAS).


The distance between life and death is the shortest distance you can ever imagine. Life meanwhile is very precious, and that is why the health sector is undeniably one of the most important in any country.

There are numerous ways the health industry can use bulk SMS to improve the quality of their service and therefore be efficient in their major goal of ensuring people’s health are well taken care of. Here are top 10 ways health care providers and the industry in general can use bulk SMS effectively.

With the advent of the internet and more sophisticated technology, many marketers have lots of marketing channels which they use in advertising their products and services and also keeping their existing clients engaged, thereby staying ahead of the competition.


One of the most widely used mediums of marketing today is the email and bulk SMS. While Email has had a longer stay, bulk SMS is in a competition with it for which is more valuable for use as a marketing channel.


Let us take a moment and consider the major areas key to a successful marketing campaign and see how both fare in these areas.

If you have been a recipient of a marketing SMS before, which you likely have, you will observe that all of them usually have something the sender wants you to do most times at the end of the message. It is either to click on a link or to reply to the message by sending a keyword to a short code. Such links or keywords might be to intimate the recipients of important information, buy a product, to subscribe to the SMS marketing campaign, to get a discount, to subscribe to an ongoing promo or even to opt out from an SMS marketing campaign. Whatever it is you are told to do, that is the “Call to Action”.

If you have an SMS marketing campaign as a part of your business plan, which you should, here are 5 reasons why you must include “Call to Action” in your marketing messages.

Very likely you might have received a text message before which sounds like “Great deal! Get the hottest news about Nigerian celebrities at just N5 per day. Text CELEB to 12345”. This is an example of a marketing SMS and the number 12345 is a short code.

What are Short Codes?

Ramadan for 2016 has come and gone. Eid el Fitr is here! Find here a great collection of sample end of Ramadan quotes, greetings and goodwill messages for the 2016 Eid el Fitr. This can be sent to friends, family, colleagues, acquaintances, school mates, association member, client and the general public.

If you have phone numbers saved in a file on your computer and wants to upload it in your bulk SMS account phonebook, follow the steps described below.

To send bulk SMS using the phonebook on your bulk SMS account, you must first create a group and add phone numbers to the group if you’ve not done so already.

Once that is done, follow the steps below to send bulk SMS to the phone numbers saved in your bulk SMS account phonebook.

You’ve created a phonebook group on your bulk SMS account already. Now you have new recipients of your bulk SMS and you want to include their phone numbers in the phonebook group already created. Here is how to go about it.

Do you have a particular group of persons you send bulk messages to constantly? Do you want to save yourself the stress of having to type all the digits again and again every time you want to send them a message? If yes, then your bulk SMS account phonebook is the answer.

Here is how to go about adding a group to your online address book, the bulk SMS account phonebook.

It is very possible to save phone numbers on your bulk SMS account using your account phonebook. If you do not want to use this provision though, you can still send bulk SMS using phone numbers that have been saved in the notepad on your computer.

Here is how to go about doing that:

If you have saved a message as a draft on your bulk SMS account, the procedures to follow in sending such messages is described below:

Perhaps you have a particular message you send to particular recipients frequently, maybe daily, weekly, monthly or just regularly. It will be a total waste of time and energy to keep typing the same message repeatedly each time you want to send it.

Here is how to save your favorite messages as draft and save time, energy and other scarce resources for other important things whenever you want to send them.

Are you thinking of taking the step-up from been an employee to being your own boss? Or maybe you want to keep your well-paying job but still want to divert part of your income into a profitable venture? Here are top 20 of the endless list of large scale businesses in Nigeria that are richly rewarding.

Large-scale businesses are establishments or industries that requires huge infrastructure, lots of employees and huge annual turn-over.

The ultimate goal of any business is to stay relevant in the market, gather more customers/subscribers, manage effectively their employee base and generate more profit.

Below are eight (8) major ways large scale businesses can use bulk SMS to manage their business:


When you schedule messages to be delivered later, you do not have to be online to get your bulk SMS delivered to the recipients. Considering the overly demanding everyday schedules, the need to be away sometimes, the unpredictability of each day and the unreliable internet service, if you have an important message or messages that are due for delivery on a particular date and time, Scheduling them is the smart solution for you.

Follow the procedures outlined below to schedule your bulk SMS and let us worry about the delivery for you.

Gone are the days when people go about looking for the so-called ‘white collar’ jobs. The problem now is that even those jobs aren’t available anymore. The tough competitions for these jobs equally results in people who get them receiving less than that which their qualifications deserve.

Just think about the constant ragging by bosses who are sometimes just over demanding. It’s time to look ahead and be your own boss. Here are about 50 small-scale businesses in Nigeria that are really profitable and interestingly, require very little capital to start.

According to the great Aristotle Socrates Onassis, “The secret of a business is to know something that nobody else knows”. Good thing, many persons today has recognized the fact that entrepreneurship is the game changer in the industry now, and are already delving into it. But there is something lots of small scale business owners today are neglecting that could transform their business for good.

Here are 5 major ways bulk SMS can be a game-changer for your small-scale business.

Do you currently own two or more different bulk SMS account on SmartSMSSolutions and want to share SMS units between the accounts? Or perhaps you have a friend on SmartSMSSolutions who needs bulk SMS units urgently and unable to make a purchase?

SmartSMSSolutions’ transfer of SMS units’ provision affords you the opportunity to be a sole manager of your bulk SMS accounts and make yourself a friend in need who is also a friend indeed.

Here is how to go about that.

The most important part of any organization, company, business, or firm for its abiding success is the people inside the set-up. Even when money is splashed on infrastructure and other things but the staffs are not doing the best, it’s only a matter of time before such organization crumbles.

In order to ensure all employees of an organization are working into ensuring the overall goals of the organization are achieved, regular and meaningful communications are essential. Here are 10 ways bulk SMS can help you accomplish this:

Communications between the management and staffs of an establishment is very essential to the overall growth and development of that establishment.Such Communication is especially important when the staffs are great in number.

Face to face communications during meetings is the conventional means of doing this in most organizations. While this has its merits, here are few reasons why you should consider bulk SMS for internal communications:

For a while now, the provision to check delivery report for your sent bulk SMS has been made available on SmartSMSSolutions. As such you don’t have to wait to be told, you can know if your messages got to the recipients or not firsthand.

Before now though, ability to check delivery report was only possible for GSM numbers. We are pleased to inform you that you can now get delivery report for messages sent to CDMA cell phones.

Find here a great and exciting collection of sample happy new month messages you can share with families, friends, colleagues and others for December 1st 2015

Find here a great and exciting collection of sample happy new month messages you can share with families, friends, colleagues and others for November 1st 2015

Find here a great and exciting collection of sample happy new month messages you can share with families, friends, colleagues and others for October 1 st 2015

Find here a great and exciting collection of sample happy new month messages you can share with families, friends, colleagues and others for September 1st 2015

Find here a great and exciting collection of sample happy new month messages you can share with families, friends, colleagues and others on August 1st 2015.

Regarding the prevalence of spam messages today, in the first part of this series, 5 major ways to know if an SMS you received is likely a scam message was considered, in order for you to protect yourself from been a victim.

In this part, we will equally look at 5 more ways to uncover spam messages when you get them on your phone.

I just got a message on my phone ending with a call to action. The content of the message is so nice and enticing that it’s difficult to resist taking that action. Before I press the button to reply this message though I took a second to ask myself “How I’m I sure this SMS isn’t a scam”?

If you’ve ever found yourself in this shoe of mine before, then you might just find the following 5 secrets in the first part of this series of how to recognize scam messages to be very helpful:

SMS Spamming has grown so widespread that barely a day passes by without you getting a spam message either in your email account or on your mobile phones.

Find listed here 5 tested and trusted tips that can help you avoid falling prey to SMS spamming.

Your phone makes the message beep. You open and check and it reads “Wow, you have won yourself 1 million naira in the ongoing 'blablabla' promo. To redeem your prize, call me now”. You knew you didn’t participate in the promo, infact, you never bought their product. That’s a spam message.


You have one message received. So your phone reads. You open and find a long text about something that doesn’t really interest you from someone or a number you don’t recognize, and at the end of the write-up you find “Send this to 20 persons today and get rewarded with 'sososo' amount of money”. You are a recipient of a spam message.

For you to have a successful SMS marketing campaign for your business, be it small scale or large scale, you need a phone number database to work with.

At the first thought of it, getting phone numbers of people to subscribe to your SMS marketing might seem far-fetched. But at the second thought, maybe after reading this article, you will see it is very easy.

Are you new in a business? Do you have a business that has been running for a while? Or maybe you are thinking of starting one in the near future? Well, whichever category you fall, you can’t deny the fact that marketing should be an integral part of your business structure, if only you wish to increase your customer base, keep existing ones and generate more income.

Here are ten (10) reasons why the best marketers thinks bulk SMS for their marketing campaigns

Marketing simply means communicating with your customers with a view to sell your products or services to them. It is an integral part of all successful businesses, because it is that which makes you stay relevant.

Over the years, some of the mediums of marketing that has been used are TV, newspaper, radio, posters, bill boards, direct mails, telephone e.t.c. In this age though, SMS marketing is becoming increasingly popular among many business owners.


Do you know that it is very possible to buy bulk SMS units for your bulk SMS account using cheque? Well if you didn’t before now, then now you know. Yes it is very possible. Infact, buying bulk SMS units for your bulk SMS account using cheque has lots of advantages and very simple to use.

In the first part of this series on how schools can use bulk SMS for effective management, 5 ways of doing this was considered. Here are 5 additional sureties in running your school effectively while also increasing its population through the use of bulk SMS.

The session has ended and the new one is about to start. You wonder, “How do I get more students to join us in the new session? The rate at which angry parents flocks to the school, always complaining of one thing or the other is becoming alarming and parents are taking their kids every day. You ask yourself “How do I manage this school? Aren’t we going down? Or maybe you just established your dream school and you need help on where to start to manage it effectively?

In the first part of this series of those you can refer to increase your referral points sporadically, three (3) people/group  you can introduce to bulk SMS service were considered.

In the second part of this series, three (3) more people/group you can refer to SmartSMSSolutions to build up your referral points were equally considered.

Here in this part, we will consider three (3) more of those you can make a part of your referral tree.

In the first part of this series of those you can refer to increase your referral points sporadically, three (3) people/group you can introduce to bulk SMS service was considered.

In this part, we will see three (3) more people/group you can use to grow a massive rewarding referral tree on SmartSMSSolutions.

The SmartSMSSolutions’ Refer-and-Earn Program is a wonderful opportunity to get lots of referral points to the point where you could even hold off spending for SMS units, while your tree of referrals produce the units for you. All that is expected from you is to make someone register through you and when they buy units, you get the bonus instantly.


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  • 5% Bonus on First Purchase
  • Delivery Report Available
  • Most Affordable Pricing
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