You must have observed that a page of message on SmartSMSSolutions is a maximum of 160 characters. Well, it might interest you to know that this isn’t peculiar to this platform but is a standard everywhere. Here is how we come to have 160 characters as a standard for a page of SMS.

On SmartSMSSolutions, the schedule of messages option gives you the liberty of telling the system when you want your message to get delivered while you can go about your everyday activities without distraction.

When your messages are correctly scheduled, and you check the delivery report, the delivery report for the message will show ‘pending’, until the scheduled time for delivery. If it’s showing ‘processing’ though, that means the message was not properly scheduled and the recipient(s) will not get it.


Referral points are bonuses you get on SmartSMSSolutions when people you referred to the platform buys bulk SMS units. This referral points can then be converted to SMS units or cash. Is your referral points currently very little and you want to increase it drastically? Here are 5 tips that can help.

In the year 2013, the Nigerian telecommunications industry introduced the Mobile Number Portability (MNP) service, a service that affords you the opportunity to retain your phone number while you switch to another network provider.

This service has brought with it advantages and disadvantages. Here are some of them.

Have there been times when you have questions about the use of SmartSMSSolutions’ services? Are you on SmartSMSSolutions’ website and needs assistance in using any of the features? Do you know you can get an instant response to your questions and inquiries right there on the website from a site consultant?

FIDELITY bank plc has about 220 branches scattered all over Nigeria. You can pay for bulk SMS units at SmartSMSSolutions at any FIDELITY bank branch in Nigeria. Here are all the branches in Nigeria where you can pay for bulk SMS units.

You can make payment for bulk SMS units at any STANBIC IBTC bank branch in Nigeria. See here all the STANBIC bank branches in Nigeria, perhaps there is one close to where you stay or where you are heading to.

ZENITH Bank plc is one of the banks in Nigeria where you can pay for bulk SMS units at SmartSMSSolutions. Here is a full list of all the branches of Zenith bank in Nigeria by states, so you can find one close to you.

Do you have a bank account with Zenith Bank PLC? Or there is a Zenith Bank branch close to your area? Here is how to pay for bulk SMS units at any Zenith Bank branch in Nigeria.

Is there an ACCESS bank branch close to where you stay? Or you have an account with ACCESS bank plc? See here how to make payments for bulk SMS units at any ACCESS bank in Nigeria.

You can pay for bulk SMS units at any ACCESS BANK branch in Nigeria. Find below all the branches of ACCESS BANK in Nigeria as at present so you can see one that is closest to you.

One of the banks where you can pay for bulk SMS units on SmartSMSSolutions is GTbank. Here are all the branches in Nigeria by the various states, perhaps there might be one close to you that you never knew or close to where you are heading to.

Are you an account holder with Guarantee Trust Bank Plc (GTBANK)? Or you have a GTBANK branch close to where you stay? Here Is how to pay for bulk SMS units at GTBANK.

Do you have a bank account with FIRSTBANK PLC? Or there is a FIRSTBANK branch close to where you stay? Here is how to pay for bulk SMS units at any FIRSTBANK branch in Nigeria.

Firstbank has over 560 branches scattered all over Nigeria, and it is one of the banks where you can make payments for bulk SMS units at SmartSMSSolutions. Here is a list of all the branches by state so you can locate the one closest to you.

You can make payment for your bulk SMS account at any UBA bank branch in Nigeria. Here are all the branches available by states in Nigeria, so you can find one close to you or to where you are heading to.

Do you have a UBA branch close to where you stay? Do you have a bank account with bank UBA? Here is how to make payment for bulk SMS units at any UBA bank in Nigeria.

One of the banks where you can make payment for bulk SMS units at SmartSMSSolutions is ECOBANK. ECOBANK has about 180 branches scattered all over Nigeria. Here are all the ECOBANK branches currently available in Nigeria, perhaps there might be one where you are going to or close to where you stay.

Do you have an ECOBANK branch close to where you live or where you work? Or maybe you are an account holder with ECOBANK plc? Learn here how to pay for bulk SMS units at any ECOBANK branch in Nigeria.

Are you a Firstbank Plc account holder? The first mobile provision by Firstbank Plc PLC has just made it very easy to credit your bulk SMS instantly without stress and on your mobile phone without the internet.

Statistics have it that there are as much cell phone users in the world as there are people in the world. A report from Wikipedia as at 2007 notes that about 74% of mobile cell phone users in the world are active users of SMS. In some countries, its up to 85%, and these statistics is only bound to have increased with passing years.

In view of this statistics, it is difficult to argue that text messaging has become a very important communication tool among people all-over the world today and rightly so. The ease of use, rapid outreach and instant delivery has made it the prime communication channel used today.

A brief history of how text messaging started and how it has grown might interest you.

In helping to realize Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) wishes of a cashless Nigerian economy, First bank of Nigeria launched the firstmonie mobile payment system as far back as 2012.


Firstmonie is a mobile service that allows all Nigerians to transfer money, get airtimes for their phones and pay bills with or without a bank account using their mobile phone.


When using Firstmonie, you don’t necessarily need a bank account, with the phone number acting as the account number.


In providing convenient and effective payment options for bulk SMS units for our clients, mobile transfer will be a very nice idea. Here is how to go about it.

Your bulk SMS account online phonebook affords you the opportunity of saving you’re the phone numbers of people you send bulk SMS to regularly on your bulk SMS account, so that you do not have to re-type the numbers every time you want to send to them.

Maybe you already have some phone groups saved already but want to delete one or more of these, here is how to go about that.

SMS campaign has proven beyond reasonable doubts that it remains a viable and effective option for massive success in the political arena. SMS political campaign might not be that popular in Nigeria yet but the truth is many successful political aspirants has made good use of this at time past and have great success stories.

Here is a view around the world to see how SMS has been the game changer for some top political success in recent years.


It is no news that unemployment is becoming the order the day among Nigerian youths today. Many of these are graduates from various tertiary institutions. Nigerian institutions continue to produce multitudes of graduate year in year out and the truth is that the system does not have sufficient jobs to adequately accommodate these persons, and thus the high percentage of unemployment.

The Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) is the government approved body in charge of electoral processes in Nigeria.

It has always been the abiding desire and aim of this electoral body to conduct free, smooth and fair elections in Nigeria and over the years, different system and technology has been harnessed into realizing this. In the last general elections, one of the channels used extensively towards this goal is mobile services, bulk SMS inclusive.


You might likely get the Error 2905 response when trying to send bulk SMS using the mobile application or using the API. Here is what this error message means and how to handle this if it occurs.



Bulk SMS service users usually gets the error 2906 response while trying to send bulk SMS from a mobile application or from an Application program interface (API). Here is all you need to know about this error message and how to handle it.



NGOs are non-governmental and non-profit making organizations. This might be charity organizations, empowerment organizations or service providing organizations, usually set up by individuals, group of individuals or businesses and are funded by the business, the person(s) or financial institutions.


Because non-governmental organizations are not driven towards money making and are simply there to render assistance to people, effective organization is a must. Communication within the organization and with the general public is essential and bulk SMS has been proven to be an effective communication medium.

SMS marketing is a regular feature of many successful businesses today and rightly so. The advantages of SMS as a communication medium cannot be overemphasized. While sending marketing bulk SMS though, it is imperative to keep it short and simple and for good reasons.

In order for your marketing SMS to be favorably received, and for the success of your overall marketing campaign, what you send to people, the length of this, the value you offer, are not all the only things that are important to consider. It is very necessary to equally understand when it is right to send such messages.


The cell phone is a personal property of the owner and they have the exclusive right to determine what they want on it and what they don’t. Even if the recipient of a message is an active subscriber to your SMS marketing campaign, if you decide to keep sending messages at undesirable times, it is very easy to opt-out.

In many universities in Nigeria, the graduation ceremony is termed convocation. For lots of youths in tertiary institutions around the world, this day ranks among one of the most important days in their lives and rightly so. After going through the stress that school brings and privileged to be among those who made it to the finished line, you deserve the best convocation ceremony.

It was reported that about 1,475,477 candidates wrote the UTME CBT 2015 examinations. The universities in Nigeria though have a capacity and reports have it that a little more than 30% of admission applicants get admission in Nigerian universities.

You’ve written the O’level exams, you’ve taken the UTME exams, you’ve written the post UTME test also, and now against all odds you’ve finally been admitted into your favorite tertiary institution. Who says you don’t deserve the best matriculation ever especially given the statistics mentioned above?

The Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board (JAMB) is the federal government approved body in Nigeria overseeing admissions of students into the various tertiary institutions in the country.


With the increasing sophistication of technology in the world today, everyone is going digital and mobile, and JAMB has been taking full advantage of this also in ensuring academic process satisfaction for Nigerian youth.


Here are some major areas JAMB has integrated mobile services into their system in keeping at pace with the changing technology.


With the alarming rate at which GSM operators invents different phone number prefixes, sometimes it might be difficult to identify what network a particular phone number belongs to. Additionally it will be good to know the CDMA networks and the phone number prefixes associated with each.

Here are the present prefixes for GSM networks in Nigeria and the CDMA numbers.

So your business is up and you are ready to take the market by storm. You have the believe that this is going to be a success. Then you remember you need to make SMS marketing an integral part of the process and for good reasons.


Once you’ve had the details planned out on how to go about your SMS marketing campaign, the next question is “Where do I get phone numbers of subscribers for my campaign?” The first likely answer that occurs to you both from self and advisers is to buy the phone numbers, and why not? That is what almost everyone is doing.

When you try to login into your bulk SMS account and gets the response that the account has been suspended, what it simply means is that your access to your bulk SMS account has been blocked temporarily.

There are reasons why your bulk SMS account might be suspended, there are ways this can be avoided and in cases where the account has been suspended there are easy measures you can take to retrieve it.

Here are all you need to know about bulk SMS marketing in the simple A to Z.

A- All successful business men and women runs an SMS marketing campaign

There has been very interesting articles lately on how SMS marketing can do wonders for your business, be it large scale or small scale. The truth is that most of the upcoming businesses are taking good advantage of this and SMS marketing is gradually becoming the order of the day.


If you are currently planning a bulk SMS marketing campaign though or you already have one running, here are 10 major DON’TS in the SMS marketing that you must always remember if your marketing campaign is to be a success.

Simply put, real estate business involves renting, buying and selling of lands, buildings and other properties on it. The estate manager(s) either owns the property or manages them for a private owner. This is one of the large scale businesses in Nigeria today. In order to ensure success in this business, adequate marketing and communication is essential.

Transport business and logistics is one of the lucrative large scale businesses in Nigeria today. Those into transport business deals with shipments, courier services and even transportation of people from place to place by buses or taxes.


In managing a transport business effectively, you need every help available, and if there are solutions that are proven efficient and comes at low cost towards the success of the business, you shouldn’t overlook it. Bulk SMS is an effective communication medium that can be used in managing a transport business.

Courier services deals with delivery of packages, messages and mails to people at various places. This might be within a city or town, across a region, nationwide or even globally depending on the size of the courier service. This delivery might be done via bicycles, motor cycles, cars, Lorries or even air planes depending on the coverage by the courier service.


Because people puts serious interest in fast delivery time and the safety and security of their packages and goods, courier services needs an efficient system that controls the business internally and also assures the people involved, both the sender(s) and the recipient(s) of the package that the goods and packages are secured. In ensuring smooth running of this business, here is the areas bulk SMS comes in play in courier services.

Application program interface (API) has been defined as a set of tools, protocols and routines used for building software applications. Simply put, it is the building block which defines how a program works.


SmartSMSSolutions API affords you the opportunity to send your bulk SMS from a web application, a mobile application, a standalone application or even a website without needing to visit SmartSMSSolutions official website.

Acronyms have been used extensively by many SMS users today in text messages and chats. Many youths especially use this and a few adults are also learning the various acronyms and what they stand for.


It is for good reasons though that these persons use acronyms for sending messages because they make your typing process faster and equally reduce the length of your message and therefore saves cost if it is a bulk SMS.

All departments in tertiary institutions have an association that governs or controls the general activities of the department. There is an executive body comprising of majorly the president, the vice-president, the General Secretary, the treasurer, the public relation officer (PRO), the financial secretary, director of sports, director of socials, among others.


All the Executives and the senate members have a responsibility in ensuring the department is ran smoothly and moved forward, and bulk SMS can help make the work less difficult. Here are some ways the association can use bulk SMS effectively.

Class representatives in tertiary institutions have a great responsibility on their shoulders. Organizing a class consisting of different individuals from differing backgrounds and characters can be really challenging.


Amigst the challenges though, such leadership position can be quite exciting and it stands you in good stead to take up bigger leadership roles in the near future. One of the essential key to being a successful class representative is adequate communication with the other members of the class and bulk SMS can be used in accomplishing this.


For all bulk SMS service users, instant delivery of bulk SMS is of paramount importance. Delays are not pleasurable. More distasteful is failed delivery of bulk SMS all together. No one loves to be charged for sent messages while the supposed recipients don’t get it.

Here are 8 of the major causes of bulk SMS delivery failure so you can be aware of this and know how to prevent it.

Associations are bodies consisting of individuals either coming from the same field of study (professional associations) or voluntarily coming together to achieve a common goal (voluntary associations). There are lots of such associations or bodies in Nigeria today.


One of the important key to success in any association is efficient communications. Here is the various ways bulk SMS counts in this aspect.

The global world is going mobile. People are turning to the internet for virtually everything they need. This has gone beyond just checking for quick answers to questions, people are actually looking to buy things they need online.


Online malls have actually not disappointed in this regard, with lots of malls coming up on a daily basis and people actively patronizing them. Because of the technicality of the logistics involved in running an online mall, effective communications between the shopping mall and the registered customers is very important. Here is various ways bulk SMS is been used to accomplish this.


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