Phone Book – How to View All the Address Book Phone Numbers

1.    You can view all the phone numbers in your address book. To view all the phone numbers in your address book, log in at (Click here to learn how to log in. If you are not a registered member, please click here to register)

2.    Then visit

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3.    Click on the tab “VIEW/EDIT PHONE BOOK & GROUPS”. It will slide up to reveal the panel

4.    Click on “VIEW /EDIT PHONE BOOK”

5.    The page containing all the phone numbers will loaded

Userguide Bulk SMS SmartSMSSolutions

6.    The total number of the phone numbers can be seen on top of the page – Records on display x –y of z. Where x stands for the beginning of the count in phone numbers on the page, y stands for the last count in phone numbers on the page and y stands for total number of phone numbers in the address book

7.    You can use the Page Panel to jump to any page or use the arrow to move in steps between pages

8.    You can also search for a particular phone number or contact name

9.    If you have more one phone book group, you can use the search to call up only the phone numbers in the phone book group