Run Successful PTA Meeting Using Bulk SMS-Get All The Parents To Act

  18 February 2016

One of the solutions that have been provided to bridge the gap between school teachers and the parents of their students is the Parents-Teacher Association, a forum that brings parents and teachers together and affords them the opportunity to rub mind together towards ensuring effective learning conditions for the students.


For the mutual satisfaction between the school authority and the parents of the pupils/students in the school, there must be an efficient Parents-Teachers Association. Constant communication between both parties is also very important. Bulk SMS plays a major role in this regard.



The first thing to do as the Proprietor of the school or the principal/headmaster as the case may be is to get the phone numbers of your pupils/students parents. The uses of this are enormous. With time you’ll see how important this will be towards communication between you and them.


The next thing to do is register a free bulk SMS account with SmartSMSSolutions. It offers the affordable yet efficient bulk SMS service you need. You are going to need this to effectively manage your school, increasing population, retaining students and making more money.


Once the account is set up, one of the things you use bulk SMS with regards to PTA meetings is to communicate date and time of upcoming meetings to the parents. The conventional way is to give a letter to the child to give to the parent(s). This might not be very effective most times because of the following reasons:


  • Some pupils/students might misplace it


  • Some may forget to deliver it


  • Some even fail to deliver it intentionally


  • Parents might misplace the note and forget about the meeting entirely


With bulk SMS, these challenges are dealt with. Bulk SMS gets your message directly in the hands of the parents. It cannot be modified in transit as you get to customize it with your school name. What more? You can send the message more than once i.e. close to the fixed date. In that way, the likelihood of forgetting will be minimized.


Sign up an account already if you do not have one and see how effective it can be towards having a smooth PTA meeting, a bond between teachers and parents.


Your contributions are welcomed in the comment box below.






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