One Month After DND- What Have we Learnt (Part 2)

  16 August 2016

One full month on the go since the introduction of the DND service by the network providers in Nigeria. On this platform, we look at what lessons we’ve learnt from the implementation of that service, what has been accomplished and what are the down parts. In the first part, we consider 3 major lessons learnt. If you missed the first part, relive it here.


Here is the second part on an additional 4 lessons learnt from this.


  • We can no longer apply for or request for online services: The DND policy means that we can no longer register for online service ranging from chats to professional sevices to even e-commerce sites. For example, if you were to register on chat applications like Whatsapp,; one major requirement is the confirmation of phone numbers. So also if you are opening a new email with any of the mail hosting sites be it Yahoo!, Google, and all the others you will also be affected. For security reasons when we apply for services online we would usually be requested to enter a one-time password that will help confirm our phone numbers and that will help ascertain that it is our number. Hence should we lose our password at any time or want to reregister for the service it will be easier for us to confirm our personality and recover our password. But now with the DND policy in place good luck to you if you are waiting to receive that 6-digit pin from Whatsapp or Google because it will not come. And since you have been added to the DND list without your notice you will be left in the lurch wondering if Whatsapp or Google did not send the message at all.


  • You may miss some Valuable information: Do you know that if your DND is active and you apply for a job opening and the said firm is trying to reach you through their business id on your phone you will not get it? They are also considered as third parties and you may just be losing your dream job. And it is also known that most people prefer to use Bulk SMS for their wedding invitations as this is cheaper, personal and more concise way to reach people right in their comfort. But imagine what will happen now that DND is in place. It means that such information cannot be disseminated through that means of communication.


  • NCC are just playing to the Gallery: It seems that the Nigerian Communications Commission have just gone quiet on the DND matter. It is true that most philosophies may not work out at the beginning but what makes an outstanding legislation is the ability to quickly amend the aforementioned directive as that will help to stabilize the state of information dissemination. The same people that are meant to suffer from the DND directive are now the exact ones that now seem to be enjoying the services. If something is not done about it drastically, the same people that are celebrating the introduction of the DND might be the ones that will bite their fingers in regret by the time they’ve lost a huge amount of information.


  • Categorisations: Then there is the problem of the categorizations for the allowed messages. Who did the categorizations and what is the basis. What if the message I want to receive does not fall into any of those categories? The category one must say are quite vague and leaves a lot to be desired in terms of solicited messages.


So, after these examinations what have we discovered? The idea that gave birth to the DND is a brilliant idea to halt all forms of unwanted and unsolicited messages and calls. But it has turned out to be another case of an excellent idea horribly implemented. It can infact end up punishing the same people that clamored for it and will affect businesses as well as friendships and family relationships.


So the DO-NOT-DISTURB service, a big success or a total failure? You have the facts, you decide.






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