Arrange a Memorable NYSC Passing Out Party Using Bulk SMS

  15 April 2016

It is a thing of great joy to successfully complete the National Youth Service year for thousands of Corp members on their passing out parade day. No more emergency headcounts, no more full khaki every CDS and Clearance day, no more CDS and the various challenges posed by the service year. Above all, the satisfaction that you have successfully served your fatherland is there and the much coveted discharge certificate. Who says you do not deserve a party?



No doubt you would love to invite friends, relatives and fellow Corp members and colleagues at your place of primary assignment along for a memorable get together and rightly so. Just set up a small gathering within your means and call together loved ones to come and share your joy. Bulk SMS can help you get this done.


The advantage of using a bulk SMS platform to send the invite? You can customize the message and as such even those who might have lost your contact will know the message is coming from you. Also, it is far cheaper to use a bulk SMS platform in sending your messages than simply using your phone airtime.


The most likely means many youths would love to use to invite friends for this occasion is through social media handles. What of cases where the person do not get the message in time to make it? What about your aged relatives and colleagues like Grannies, Uncles and Aunts? Some of these ones might not be on social media and deserves to be honored on this occasion. What you can be sure of is that they can at least read a text message and it will get to them.


Bulk SMS can be used to make a massive awareness for the party. If you do want to so customize the party, then you can even choose dress codes for the invitees. What better way to intimate all of the date, time, venue and other details than through bulk SMS?


Now you’ve used SMS for a massive awareness and your convocation party has been flocked. What better way to show you appreciate these individuals than through a meaningful message to them? You can equally use bulk SMS to send a thank you message to these ones for honoring your invitation and making your passing out parade party a bomb.


Bulk SMS still remains an effective communication means that can be used by businesses and individuals alike.SmartSMSSolutions have a bulk SMS platform well suited for individual messages. Register a free one and receive free SMS units for a start.


It’s a joyful landmark event in your life, go out there and party, Make it a memorable one, You are never going to repeat it again.






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