How NYSC CDS Group EXCOS can use Bulk SMS to get Feedback

  07 April 2016

In the exact words of American Computer Programmer, Grace Murray Hopper, “Leadership is a two way street, loyalty up and loyalty down. Respect for one’s superiors and care for one’s crew”. In this brief statement, she underlined the importance of keeping communication open between all parties in any organization.



Executives of an NYSC CDS group have a weighty responsibility on their shoulders. This is a leadership position that needs the required skill and guts to carry out, meet all requirements and keep everyone happy. That is why timely important information has to be passed across to all members regularly. The role of bulk SMS in this regard have been duly considered.


As noted earlier though, just talking to the members of your CDS group isn’t good enough. There must be a system which allows individual members to also talk back at the executive body if at all the objectives of the association are to be realized. Here is how to go about this.



First and foremost, you’ll need to get a GSM line primarily dedicated to getting feedbacks from the group members. Then you make this number available to everybody as the line to send in their messages as feedback to the EXCOS.


Some feedbacks that can be gotten through this means are:


  • Getting general opinions and contributions on the way the CDS group is being organized. A bulk SMS can be sent to all the members asking for their opinion on a particular subject or on a policy of the association they think should be adjusted and why.


  • In cases where the members are asked to go think about a particular issue, or assignments are delegated to everyone, responses on these can also be gotten back through this means.


  • You need to make a decision on a particular issue that needs the approval of the majority of the house and it is difficult or impossible to get everyone converged in a place? Bulk SMS can be used to get votes in this regard. They simply indicate the option they support by sending a specified response to the dedicated phone number.


It is good to remember that since the bulk SMS comes in customized with the name of the CDS group, it is important to add the phone number in the content of the message, to get the responses in.


With bulk SMS, the two-way communication you need to make your NYSC CDS group thrive is as good as realized. Register your free account if you’ve not done so already, and let the feedback you really need keep flying in.






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