Most Popular Potential Scam Messages

  03 September 2015

Here is a list of 5 most popular scam messages trending today, most probably you will identify with one or more of these.


1. COURIER SERVICES: Courier services are services that deal with delivery of messages, mails and packaging. This delivery is usually done using bicycles, motorcycles and sometimes Lorries.


Some potential scammers are using messages of courier to tell people they have packages that aren’t real and then request them to pay a fee to clear it.



A sample courier message looks like: “(NAME) your parcel on home delivery service request sent from (NAME) of 201, London, United Kingdom is currently in our ware-house. Please contact our agent in charge (NAME) (PHONE NUMBER) to submit codes and clear goods. Terms and conditions apply”.


This is just the beginning. If you call the number, you would be asked some questions just for you to believe they are real. Whether you call or not, you will most likely get a follow-up message that looks like this: “you are to text your name and the teller number to the SECRETARY after payment ACCOUNT NAME: (NAME) ACCOUNT NUMBER (NUMBER) (BANK NAME)”.


At this point, if you forward the money that is probably the last you will hear from them, no parcel, no refund, and no traces. Note that the account number might even be sent alongside the first message. Note that the scam message content might take a different form to these ones mentioned here.


2. CUSTOM VEHICLES/PROPERTIES: Customs is an agency that deals with the control of the flow of goods, cars and other properties. In Nigeria, it is under the Ministry of Finance and it’s called the Nigerian Customs Service.


Unfortunately, some potential scammers have resorted to defraud people under the disguise of the Nigerian Customs Service.



A sample customs scam message looks like this: “Hello Mr., your request (2006 Toyota corolla) with Auction ID 7789SEME has been reviewed you can now proceed with the clearance fee payment with the following account details.... ACCOUNT NAME: (NAME) ACCOUNT NO.: (NUMBER) (BANK NAME)....”


That is the start. Once you forward the money to the said account number, you might get a response back from them but not what you would have expected.


A follow-up message may look like: “Sir, We wish to inform you that your parcel has been permanently confiscated by THE NIGERIAN CUSTOMS AUTHORITY till further notice. Reason; Hard Currency were dictated to be in your parcel which is an illegal act. Contact: (NAME) Nigeria Custom Service (PHONE NUMBER)”.


At this point you’ve been scammed real time. The money is gone and cannot be traced. The scammers equally send fake employment offers into Nigeria custom service to people. Please note that these scam message content may take differing forms to the ones mentioned above.


3. BANK ALERTS SCAM: With good intentions, commercial banks sends alerts to their customers in order to intimate them with every transaction going on in their bank account. Sad to say, some desperate potential scammers are equally using bank alerts to try and defraud people.


A sample bank alert scam message looks like: “Your Acct 00xxxx000 has Been Credited with NGN5, 000,000.00 on 19- JAN-2015 7:46:18 By (NAME) BAL: NGN5, 001,000.00CR”.


Why will people send scam bank alert messages you might ask? Well for various reasons. Sometimes the scam message is sent to cover up another scam. Maybe the recipient has been scammed into doing a business and the scammers said they will pay. This scam alert is then sent first to deceive the person into believing that the money has been paid in, and then he follows up with his own end of the bargain, only to go to the bank account and realize there is nothing there. So pathetic.


A lot of persons have been deceived by these kinds of messages from scammers, so you need to be very careful. While some banks have their bank names registered with the network operators and therefore making it impossible for just anybody to use it in sending message. There are still some that goes through and are been used by scammers.


4. EMPLOYMENT OFFERS SCAM MESSAGES: What a fitting area for scammers to concentrate in their scamming business, and rightly so. Such is the high level of unemployment in the country. The sender ID for these kinds of messages varies depending on the firm the scammers want to paint that it’s coming from. Names of top governmental and private agencies are commonly used.



Many of these employment scammers do have emails and some equally have sites where u can go and believe they are real. They even post adverts under the disguise of such agencies (e.g. N.N.P.C) and request for C.Vs.


A sample employment offer scam message looks like: “Dear applicant, your CV was received and we sent you the N.N.P.C recruitment form. Print it out, fill it and send back to us. Call Mr. (NAME) (NUMBER) for more info”.


At this point your hopes are up and you start to believe this thing is real. Many of such messages are scam messages and lots of persons have fallen prey to it. Note that to spice this scam up, some employment offer scammers might even have a website and invite you to an office, only for you to find out in the long run that they aren’t real.


5. PROMOS SCAM MESSAGES: This is also one of the areas where scammers are making waves in today.



The sender of such messages claims that you’ve won something in ongoing promo by a firm, industry or organization. In a bid to redeem your prize, you have to send something across and get scammed in the process.


An example of a promo scam message is: “Congratulations. You are one of the lucky winners in the ongoing (NAME OF FIRM, INDUSTRY OR PRODUCT) promo. Call Mr. (NAME) on (PHONE NUMBER) to redeem your prize”.


Once you call the said individual, one thing will lead to another and as long as you keep falling for it, before you know it you’ve lost a lot and end up winning nothing.


In view of these major examples of scam messages so rampant today and some of the identifying marks uncovered, it is important to know that everybody is a recipient of a potential scam message and anybody can be a victim. In order for you not to be one, here are various ways you can protect yourself from been scammed.

At SmartSMSSolutions, we are the lead thought on signs of potential scam messages and how to guide against them. We equally have an optimized platform that checks scam messages and protect you from them. Register a free bulk SMS account if you do not have one, Free SMS units are also up for grabs after registering.





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