“Why Was My Bulk SMS Account Suspended?”

  31 July 2015

When you try to login into your bulk SMS account and gets the response that the account has been suspended, what it simply means is that your access to your bulk SMS account has been blocked temporarily.

There are reasons why your bulk SMS account might be suspended, there are ways this can be avoided and in cases where the account has been suspended there are easy measures you can take to retrieve it.




The major reason why your bulk SMS account might be suspended has to do with the content of a sender ID you’re trying to use to send a message and/or the content or body of that message. When you use a sender ID that is not acceptable by network operators and that is scamming, the system at SmartSMSSolutions recognizes this and suspends the account. The same also applies in the content of the message.


As an example, one of the messages that potential scammers has tried to send from the platform, warranting a suspension of their bulk SMS account is this: SENDER ID: Firstbank, MESSAGE CONTENT: ‘Your Acct 30XXXXX006 Has Been Credited with NGN450,000,00 On 04-MAY-2015 12:41:39 By (NAME).
Bal: NGN450,654,56CR’.


It is very obvious that the above message is a scam message. Financial institutions, government agencies and some private organizations have their private bulk SMS platforms which they use to send their alerts and messages. Once you send any message with such organizations as sender ID or the content of the message looks scam-like, the system here has been optimized to detect such and suspend the sender’s bulk SMS account.


In a bid to control this more and also avoid situations where you send messages and they don’t get delivered by the network operators, at SmartSMSSolutions we have a filtering system where we try as much as possible to get the list of these unacceptable words and word combination, and whenever you want to send a message that contains them, you are warned about their presence at the point of sending. See here list of words and word combinations not allowed as sender ID and list of words and word combinations not allowed in the content of a message.




If you have rather unwittingly used any of the not allowed words while trying to send a message and your account has been suspended, it need not be the end of your bulk SMS experience with that particular bulk SMS account where you might even have bulk SMS units left.


All you need to do if your account has been suspended is to put a call across to our customer care centre via any of our contact lines, and lay your complaint. Once the credibility of the story has been certified, you can get your bulk SMS account back.


You can equally discuss such discrepancies with our customer care agents via any of our social media platforms; Facebook, WhatsAPP, Google+, 2go or BBM. Find all our social Medias contact details here.


Here at SmartSMSSolutions, our abiding interest is in offering a quality bulk SMS platform that offers zero tolerance to bad SMS practices and equally gives optimum satisfaction to our clients.


New here? Sign up a free bulk SMS account now and get free SMS units at the point of registration.


Do you have any question regarding the suspension of bulk SMS account discussed above? Or you used to have a bulk SMS account and no longer have an access to it? Let us know in the comment box below.





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