“Who Can I Refer To SmartSMS to Increase My Referral Points Massively?”- Part 1

  07 July 2015

The SmartSMSSolutions’ Refer-and-Earn Program is a wonderful opportunity to get lots of referral points to the point where you could even hold off spending for SMS units, while your tree of referrals produce the units for you. All that is expected from you is to make someone register through you and when they buy units, you get the bonus instantly.

To help you take full advantage of this provision, we have put together for you a list of people and/or groups likely to be interested in bulk SMS service. Who knows, you might just find out they are closer to you than you imagined.

In this part, we’ll focus on three (3) classes of people/groups you can use to grow your referral tree.

  • ASSOCIATIONS: There are numerous associations either set up by individuals or group of individuals for the purposes of unity and progress. These associations may range from old students associations, association of people in a particular line of business, or associations of people sharing a common interest. A beautiful way of disseminating information between the members of these associations is through bulk SMS. Do you presently belong to one? That’s a perfect opportunity.Or maybe there might just be one around you can take advantage of. Think about it.


  • SCHOOLS: Many schools, private and government owned, from the primary to the tertiary level, are making massive use of bulk SMS to pass information across to the students nowadays. Such is the abrupt evolution of bulk SMS as a means of communication to a large number of persons in a short time. These schools use bulk SMS service to also get information across to the parents and guardians of their students regarding the tuition fees, upcoming celebrations, PTA meeting, among other things. The thing of note is that lots of schools today still aren’t making use of this provision, using the conventional use of letters for communication purposes, at more cost and more energy use. If you are a staff in such schools, have any around you or know of any who could use the service, you might just have gotten a large branch to your referral tree.


  • TERTIARY INSTITUTION BODIES: While tertiary institutions are still under schools, it is imperatively important that we put it in a separate category. That is how numerous the opportunities opened here are. Such tertiary institution bodies includes; departmental bodies, faculty bodies, social clubs in school, the student’s union government (SUG), religious groups within the school e.t.c. Even class representatives and lecturers can use this to send information to the members of the class. If you are a student or a lecturer in any of the tertiary institutions, I believe you should be thinking what I’m thinking right now.

The ones mentioned above is far from been the only group you can refer to SmartSMSSolutions. Click here to see the second part of this series of those you can refer to SmartSMSSolutions to grow you tree of referrals.

If you want to be a part of SmartSMSSolutions Refer-and-Earn package and do not have a registered bulk SMS account yet, click here for a free registeration and free SMS units.

If you are registered on SmartSMSSolutions and have any question on the Refer-and-Earn program, you can call our contact centre now and get an answer to all your questions.

Please also use the comment box below for your contribution on this provision and questions you may have on this.


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