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Send bulk SMS to phone book group using a draft message without the internet

How to Send Bulk SMS to Phone Book Group Using a Draft Message without the Internet

Send as SMS msg#password#phonebook_group#sender_id#@draft_title to 08134443999.

msg = The code needed by the SMS Server to process this request.
password = Your SmartSMSSolutions account password
phonebook_group = The phonebook group title as stored on your SmartSMS account
sender_id =This will appear on each recipient's phone as the sender. Banned IDs.
@draft_title = The title of the draft message as stored on your SmartSMSSolutions account. Note the @ before the draft title

Expected Result

The message in the draft will be sent to all the phone numbers in phone book group.  You will be notified of the result by SMS a few seconds later.

msg#zyx.321#My Teammates#My Message#@Meeting Reminder