SmartSMSSolutions' Refer-And-Earn User Guide

What is Refer-And-Earn?

SmartSMSSolutions is the first (and currently the only) BulkSMS/Mobile Messaging platform in Nigeria that pays you CASH for referring your friends to use its services.

Refer-And-Earn Cash Reward

SmartSMSSolutions offers everyone the opportunity to create a stream of income from BulkSMS without a website. When you refer your friends to SmartSMSSolutions, you earn Referral Points INDEFINITELY as long as they continue to buy SMS units (Primary Referral Points). When those you referred refer their friends, you earn points on every purchase they make too (Secondary Referral Points). This creates a wonderful multilevel earning structure.

Can I Take Part?

The program is free and open to everyone! If you are not a registered member of SmartSMSSolutions, you will be required to sign-up. Sign-up is free. Click here to sign-up now.

Who Can I Refer?

You can refer anyone to SmartSMSSolutions. Generally, to do well with the program target people that

1. Can take advantage of BulkSMS for mass communication. These may be aware of BulkSMS before now or not. In this category are school heads, association heads, event managers, professional body heads, student associations, religious heads, advertisers, computer application developers, etc

2. Can create a network for you that can target the people in the above category. With this people you can apply the skills the network marketing to earn points easily.

How Many People Can I Refer?

Unlimited! You can refer as many as possible number of people. The many your referrals, the higher your earning potentials.

How Can I Refer my Friends?

You can refer your friends by:

1. Word of Mouth: Tell them about SmartSMSSolutions. Ask them to register at
Then, give them your Client ID. They can identify as their referrer by visit
Click here to know your Client ID.

2. Referral SMS: Invite your friends by SMS with a unique message that contains your Referral Link. Once they register through the link, you will be automatically identified as the referrer. Click here to invite by SMS.

3. Email: Mail your Referral Link to all your friends and ask them to sign up. You can also set an Auto Responder containing your Referral Link. Once anyone register through the link, you will be automatically identified as the referrer. Click here for your Referral Link.

4. Social Networks: Share your Referral Link on Facebook, Twitter and Google+. Once anyone register through the link, you will be automatically identified as the referrer. Click here to share your link on Facebook, Twitter and Google+ .

5. Websites, Blogs and Forums: Post any of the seven banners of Refer-And-Earn on any website, blog and/or forum. Your Referral Link has been automatically embedded in the banners. Once anyone register through the link, you will be automatically identified as the referrer. Click here to select a banner.

6. Seminars/Training: Organize seminar to invite your friends and acquaintances to sign up with your Client ID. Click here to know your Client ID.

What will those I Referred Need to Do?

For your points to be calculated accurately, those you refer will need to

1. Confirm their Phone Numbers: This is necessary to authenticate the user. To confirm their phone numbers request them to visit

2. Identify you as their Referrer: Those you referred will need to identify you as their referrer. Request them to visit to identify you. If such ones registered via your Referral Link, this step will not be required as this will be done automatically.

How Can I Check the Status of those I Have Referred

You can monitor those you've referred by visiting the "My Referrals" page. Click here to visit "My Referrals" Page. On this page, you will be presented with the names of those you've referred and how many people they've also referred to SmartSMSSolutions.

This is a very important tool for Network Marketing as you can notice those actively referring other people and those that are not. The latter might some mentoring. Some of your points are dependent those you referred. This is called Secondary Referral Points.

How to Know the Number of those I Have Referred?

You get the summary of your primary and secondary referrals on your "Referral DashBorad". "Click here to visit the Dashboard.

How Can I Confirm My Phone Number?

Before you can use this service, it will be required that you confirm your phone number. This is needed to authenticate the user. When you confirm your phone number you will earn 10 Referral Points. This is a one-time point award. To confirm your phone number, please click here

How Can I Identify my Referrer?

If you were referred to SmartSMSSolutions by someone, you'll need to identify him/her. To do this please:

1. Get your referrer's Client ID

2. Visit  and type his Client ID in the space provided

If the ID is correct, you will be awarded 20 free SMS units as a bonus.

What is a Client ID?


The Client ID is the unique alphanumeric or numeric identification number for each SmartSMSSolutions' registered member. If you are already sign-up on SmartSMSSolutions, please click here to view your Client ID.

What is a Referral Link?

The referral link is a unique web link for each registered member on SmartSMSSolutions. The link can be used to refer anyone to SmartSMSSolutions because your unique Client ID is embedded in the link.

When those you referred register through your Referral link, you will be automatically identified as their referrer. Click here to view your Referral Link.

How Can I Post my Referral Link on Facebook?

Posting your referral link on Facebook and other social networks such as Twitter, Google+ and 2go will help you to get many referrals easily. You can share your Referral Link on the social networks on the "Share Links"  page. Click here to visit the share links page

How are my Points Calculated?

How to Earn Points

1. Through Your Primary Referrals: When those you referred to SmartSMSSolutions purchase SMS units, you will be awarded 1.5% of the units purchased as Referral Points. Click here for your point history

2. Through Your Secondary Referrals: When those you referred refer other people, you will be awarded 0.5% of the units purchased by them as Referral Points. Click here for your point history

3. Phone Number Confirmation: When you confirm your phone number you will earn 10 Referral Points. This is a one-time point award. Click here to confirm your phone number

How Can I Know My Current Earn Points?

You can view your total Referral Points on your "Referral DashBorad". To see how you've earned your point over time, please click here to visit the "Point History" page.

What is Referral SMS Units?

Referral SMS units is the SMS units set aside for inviting your friend to SmartSMSSolutions. This is different from your main account SMS units. The messages sent with these SMS units are fixed and the sender ID cannot be changed from the Sender's confirmed phone number. When those you sent the messages register with your Referral Link you will automatically identified as their referrer. Click here to use your Referral SMS units.

How can I get More Referral SMS Units

You can convert either of the following to Referral SMS Units

1. Your regular SMS units in your SmartSMSSolutions account. Some percentage will be added to the converted value free.

2. Your Referral Points.

Click here to convert either of the above to Referral SMS Units.

How many Invitational SMS can anyone get?

A potential can only be invited by SMS by just ONE person. This is the first person to send him/her the invitation SMS. This is the reason that you should be fast at inviting your friends before someone else does.

How Can I Withdraw My Points as Cash

You can withdraw your Referral Points as cash. This will be paid into your desired and pre-confirmed bank account. To withdraw your points as cash the following criteria must be fulfilled.

1. You will need a minimum of 1,100 Referral points to make withdrawal. The reasons are:

a. The minimum points you can convert to cash is 1000 points

b. Every withdrawal costs 100 points as bank charges

2. You must have at least one pre-confirmed bank account. To set up a withdrawal account, please click here

3. Withdrawals can be made between the 1st and 10th of any month

Once the above conditions are fulfilled you can proceed to apply for withdrawals. To withdraw your points as cash, please click here.

How Can I Withdraw My Points as SMS Units?

You can convert your Referral Points to regular SMS units that be used on SmartSMSSolutions. You can convert your points to SMS units at any time but the minimum points you can convert to SMS units is 200 points.

To submit request for conversion of your Referral Points to SMS units, please click here.

How Can I Set up a Withdrawal Bank Account?

Before you can make withdrawal of your points as cash you will need to set up a bank account. The following will be needed when setting up the bank account.

1. Title: This is a name that can identify the bank account

2. Bank Name: You need to select a bank from the drop down

3. Account Name: The name of the account as it is with the bank

4. The Account Number: This should the NUBAN account number. Please make sure this is correct.

5. The Branch: This is the name of the branch where the account is domiciled

6. Secret Word: This is a security feature to protect your points.

Once that is done, your account will be reviewed by admin for approval. You cannot set up more than 3 accounts.

To set up a withdrawal account, please click here

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Conversion to Cash Currently Unavailable

Please conversion of Referral Points to Cash is currently unavailable. Please be assured that we working on this so that it can be implemented soonest.

At the moment, you can convert your points to SMS units.

We shall duly inform you, once this is available. We regret all inconveniences. Thanks.