OneNairaHour - Buy SMS at N1:00/unit during the hour.

OneNairaHour - One Naira! One Platform! One Hour!

OneNairaHour is the biggest bulk SMS flash sale in Nigeria. Buy any volume of SMS at N1.00/unit within the OneNairaHour! Available via the Quickteller channel only.

What is OneNairaHour?

OneNairaHour is the very special hour when you can buy SMS at N1.00/unit. It is available via the Quickteller channel only. It's an opportunity for our clients to stock up their SMS accounts.

How Will I Know?

We notify all our clients ahead of time of this very special hour.

How to Participate?

To participate is very simple! Buy SMS using any of the Quickteller channels within the hour of the OneNairaHour. Watch tutorials on how to buy SMS on Quickteller website and Quickteller-enabled ATM machine to learn more.

When is the Next OneNairaHour?

The OneNairaHour will hold daily between 12:00 noon to 12:59pm from August 14, 2017 to August 20, 2017 on Quickteller channel only. Don't miss it!