The effectiveness of bulk SMS for internal communications cannot be overemphasized. You need every communication channel possible to make the relationship between you and your employee stronger. For school proprietors, this could be used for employee engagement, assignment reminders, performance reports and appreciation.

It is a thing of great joy to successfully complete the National Youth Service year for thousands of Corp members on their passing out parade day. No more emergency headcounts, no more full khaki every CDS and Clearance day, no more CDS and the various challenges posed by the service year. Above all, the satisfaction that you have successfully served your fatherland is there and the much coveted discharge certificate. Who says you do not deserve a party?

A person, group or organization who has access to bulk SMS service at any chosen time can be said to have the world on her palms and rightly so. Bulk SMS is an effective communication tool for arranging meetings, pass out reminders and the most interesting part; get a full house for a house party or gathering in no time.

“Appreciation can make a day, even change a life. Your willingness to put it into words is all that is necessary”- (Margaret Cousins). This age long quote shows just what positive effect appreciation can have on people, employees in an establishment especially. A person who is appreciated will always do more than what is expected.

The executives of any organization or association as the case may be, have a massive role to play towards ensuring the lasting and enduring success of the association. In order for them to carry out these roles successfully, unity is essential within the group. That is why regular and effective internal communications is a necessity.

“Measurement is the first step that leads to control and eventually to improvement. If you can’t measure something, you can’t understand it. If you can’t understand it, you can’t control it. If you can’t control it, you can’t improve it”. - H James Harrington

It is not a secret that the National Youth Service Year can be a very challenging and tasking year for a youth Corp member. Challenges of living in a completely different place, learning new cultures and even economic challenge that the stipulated monthly allowance can’t obviously take care of. An additional source of income becomes a necessity.

A lot has been said on this platform on the many ways in which school owners can use bulk SMS effectively towards ensuring smooth operation and organization of their school. Much focus had been on PTA organization and communication with students. Internal communication though with the staffs of the school is equally very important.

In the exact words of American Computer Programmer, Grace Murray Hopper, “Leadership is a two way street, loyalty up and loyalty down. Respect for one’s superiors and care for one’s crew”. In this brief statement, she underlined the importance of keeping communication open between all parties in any organization.

Internal communication between the employer and employees of any organization is essentially important towards smooth operation in the establishment and productivity of the employees. In light of this, it is expedient that school proprietors regularly communicate with the staffs of their school and for good reasons.



The importance of effective communication within an NYSC CDS group cannot be overemphasized. We have equally considered the various ways the use of bulk SMS comes in towards efficient organization of the group. Click here to see.

The school has closed? Students are back home with their parents full time? The teachers have the priceless opportunity yet again to take a deserved rest and get ready for the new term. As a school proprietor though, your work is just getting started.

Apart from the major duties that the NYSC CDS groups holds with regard to rendering effective service to the community where the youth Corp members are, the CDS group equally serves as a channel of communication to the Corp members belonging in such groups.

We are changing a few aspect of our pricing starting Friday, April 1, 2016. These changes are in response to our clients request and as a result of recent price increase from the network operators. We are discontinuing the N50-stamp duty charge, reduce CDMA delivery from 2.5 units/SMS to 2 units/SMS and adjusting our pricing structure.

At this time, most schools in Nigeria, both government owned and private ones have concluded their terminal examinations and going on end of the term holiday. A long duration of learning has again ended, time for the students to get some fun and rest and the teachers to replenish lost fuel.

The issue of safety and security has become a major one in Nigeria in recent years. Apart from violence erupting suddenly when least expected, other developments putting safety and security under threat can also happen so fast, more difficult when you are in a place you are not familiar with.

Among other things, a school proprietor must ensure that there is a cordial relationship between the school management and the parents of their students/pupils. In other to do this, it is essential to always take actions that show the school has the best interest of the parents at heart.

“Communication is the real work of leadership”- Nitin Nohria (Dean of Harvard Business School). This short yet powerful statement just goes to show the massive importance of communication in any organization or association, your NYSC CDS group inclusive.


The role of active, regular and effective communication in a CDS group cannot be overemphasized. From regular meeting reminders to payment of dues reminders, to organizing of EXCOS elections, communicate arrangement for social gatherings, and even for emergencies. And the list goes on and on.

The school environment is one which affects the active development of a child massively. Because of this, it is imperative that the management of a school puts in place the most conducive environment for learning. This might involve putting up projects like library, standard laboratories with standard equipment, water provision, computers and many others.

SmartSMSSolutions wishes to use this medium to appreciate all our wonderful clients for their unconditional patronage over the years. We recognize that you are SmartSMSSolutions, as without you we can’t be here. This is the main reason why we always endeavor to give our esteemed clients the very best in terms of costing and service quality.


We would like to bring to your notice though a recent development in the telecommunication industry in respect to bulk SMS.

“All work and no play make Jack a dull boy, as all play and no work makes Jack a mere toy”. This is an age long proverb which emphasizes the importance of striking a balance between hard work and relaxation.

Teachers are charged with the weighty responsibility of shaping a child’s future. Right from a very tender age, teachers are actively involved in the development of a child, both physically and intellectually. Teachers would be doing the parents, who have entrusted them with such huge responsibility, a favor by impacting knowledge the right way and filling the parents in the loop regarding the child’s development.

All Community Development Service (CDS) groups organized under the National Youth Service Corps, are charged with a responsibility to render a service to the community they find themselves. This services rendered, for most of these groups, involves educating and enlightening of the public or a targeted group of some important information for their general safety and well being.


In light of this, many CDS groups go for public sensitization and awareness on a regular basis. This sensitization is arranged in order to deliver important and beneficial lectures to the general public or their target group based on the core values that the CDS group stands for.

In a world where morality has taken a down slide, and peer pressure is on the increase, it is a big challenge to train up a child successfully, especially when they are still very young. The world around them through its media and even the masses promotes rebellion against authorities; parents and teachers in this regard. Children are also exposed to many their age group who are not well trained and can be of bad influence. That is why proper discipline is essential to shape up a child for the best in the future.

Emergencies are somewhat inevitable in every day affairs of life. We can hardly predict life's occurrences, as life always have twists and unexpected events set up for us. It is the way we handle emergency situations that is the most important thing.


We’ve considered at length the different ways youths currently serving in the NYSC scheme in every state in Nigeria can effectively use bulk SMS as a communication tool especially in their CDS groups. If you’ve missed these, check here. Another area where bulk SMS can efficiently come in for this group is in communicating emergencies.

Just a few persons will argue it, that there is nothing you can do for a teacher as an expression of appreciation that can be tagged ‘too much’. Little wonder then that teachers are referred to as the bedrock of a nation. Great leaders and successful men and women all went through tutoring.


In order to effectively carry out their role as life changers and help their pupils realize their dreams and aspiration, a regular part of a teacher’s tutoring process is delegating ‘take home’ work to the students/pupils to keep them engaged even outside the walls of the schools.

The uses of SMS for communication within a Community Development Service (CDS) group cannot be overemphasized. Among other things, this could be used to pass across meeting reminders, to communicate changes in meeting time/date, for organizing EXCOS elections, and even individuals can use it for campaign to win an electoral seat.


Another feature of an NYSC CDS group is the payment of dues that are used for smooth running of the group. Most times, Corp members in their individual groups are mandated to pay these modest dues from time to time, which will be used for effectively organizing the affairs of the association.

An American Politician who serves as the president of Arizona from 1997 to 2003, Jane Dee Hull, once said “At the end of the day, the most overwhelming key to a child’s success is the positive involvement of the parents”. Those words are in no way far from the truth.

The arrangement made in the National Youth Service Corp (NYSC) scheme, for all serving Corp members in every state in Nigeria to join a community development service has proven to be a huge success over the years. Among other things, it has helped these youths rendering service to their fatherland to impact positively in the community they find themselves.

In no time from now, the oldest batch of serving Corp members (Corpers) deployed to different states in Nigeria will be passing out of youth service, as a new batch of Corp members also begins their service year. As the service year for this old ones come to an end, so also does executives of various CDS groups come to the end of their tenure, making it imperative to have new executives.

The Parents-Teachers Association is a forum where the school authority gets to meet the parents of their pupils/students to discuss important issues that borders on the general welfare of their kids. In a way, PTA meetings equally foster the much needed unity between the parents and the teacher.


We’ve considered how bulk SMS as an effective means of communication can be used to intimate parents of PTA meetings. Also, in the event where some cannot make it to the meeting, bulk SMS can be used to give updates from the meeting to all the parents.

Wow! It is a leap day and SmartSMSSolutions is giving all its active clients a LEAP. In line with its ethos of putting our customers first, SmartSMSSolutions on February 29, 2016 gave away hundreds of thousands of SMS units to its esteemed clients in appreciation of their patronage and support. Active clients get varying amount of SMS units as a token our sincere appreciation.

We want to use this opportunity to say a very big THANK YOU to all our clients. We love you! We celebrate you! We appreciate you!

As 2016, continues to unfold, we hope to wow you with state-of-the-art technology and solutions in Mobile Marketing and Bulk Messaging. Above all, we wish you a resounding all-round success in leaps and bounds this Leap Year!

Once again, Thank You!

As part of the NYSC directive towards realizing the major aim of its scheme, for serving youth Corp members to impact positively in the community they find themselves, every serving Corp member is mandated to join a community development service (CDS) group during his/her duration of service.

In view of the recent stance taken by the Central Bank of Nigeria towards addressing the dwindling Nigerian Economy, to place a stamp duty charge on all cash deposits and electronic transfer, we announced that beginning March 1st 2016, the 50 naira stamp duty charge will apply to all payments of 1000 naira and above for bulk SMS units.

The advantages of bulk SMS as a means of communication between parents and the school authority in schools cannot be overemphasized. Tuition fees reminders is one important aspect. Additionally, in the area of organizing the Parents- Teachers Association (PTA) body, bulk SMS can be used to intimate parents of scheduled meetings. Another very beneficial aspect of bulk SMS with regards to PTA is in the area of getting important conclusions drawn and decisions made across to all the parents.

If you are a serving National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) member in any of the states in Nigeria, you most likely belong to a Community Development Service group and rightly so. It helps in ensuring the aims of the youth service scheme are realized in your state of deployment.


With a new batch of Corps member about to be deployed very soon, the present executives of your CDS group will be relinquishing their post soon as they finish their service year and pass out. If you are someone who has a knack for leadership, then you might want to consider standing up for a post in the group. Most likely though you are not the only one interested in your choice of post, how then can you beat the competition and get the opportunity to offer what you have?

It is no longer news that a N50-stamp-duty charge has been imposed on all account deposits since January 15, 2016. This according to the Central Bank of Nigeria is "to boost [the country's] revenue base", by "exploring revenue opportunities in the non-oil sectors especially taxes and rates."

Find here a great collection of sample happy new month SMS, goodwill messages, prayers and quotes that can be sent to family, relatives, friends, colleagues and other acquaintances for March 1st 2016.



U re welcome 2 month of March,
U'l March in2 ur glory,
all round blessing,
gra8 upliftment,Joy.
May u neva March in2 ur untimely death dis month.

Examination periods are one of the the most emotionally tense periods for youths. At such times, lots of things weigh on their minds and the desire to come out in flying colors brings pressure on their shoulders.


What help can you render as a dear friend, a family member, a tutor or a colleague of someone who is about to sit for the forthcoming UTME and post UTME exams? Emotional encouragement can go a long way towards ensuring success. Why not send a customized success wishes SMS to those dear ones at this important moment of their lives. Parents, Friends, Relatives, Colleagues, School teachers, Neighbours and other loved ones can send this.


If you have a bulk SMS account already and you have the phone numbers saved in your mobile phone, here is a brief procedure of how to extract these numbers for this purpose.

One of the solutions that have been provided to bridge the gap between school teachers and the parents of their students is the Parents-Teacher Association, a forum that brings parents and teachers together and affords them the opportunity to rub mind together towards ensuring effective learning conditions for the students.


For the mutual satisfaction between the school authority and the parents of the pupils/students in the school, there must be an efficient Parents-Teachers Association. Constant communication between both parties is also very important. Bulk SMS plays a major role in this regard.

The Primary and Secondary schools have returned from the Christmas holidays for a long time now. Tuition fees payment is overdue already. It could be quite challenging though most times to get all the students to pay their school fees promptly, given that some do not even remember to mention this at home to their parents.


An effective communication system between the school management and the parents then is very important to facilitate easy collection of the tuition fees. Bulk SMS can solve this pressing need. With bulk SMS, you have a communication channel that gets to the parents/guardians directly and very cheap at that. You can equally customize the sender ID to be the name of your school. All you need to do is very simple.

It’s that time of the year yet again. The Joint Admissions and Matriculation board (JAMB) examination known as UTME is at the corner. People are again taking the next step towards getting into the tertiary institutions of their choice in Nigeria.


If you are a school teacher or an unemployed graduate, then you should see the opportunities opened before you this time. Why not organize tutorial sessions for these countless JAMB candidates who are so understandably anxious and desperate to succeed in the forthcoming examinations?



Very few things in life really intrigue and excite humans more than adding an additional year to their lifespan. It is of little wonder then that when our birthday comes around the corner, many of us go to length to make the day a memorable one.


Among the many plans for the day, a classy birthday party most probably won’t be out of the question. But where do you start with the invitation? Your phone contacts might come to mind, and rightly so. It is not economical though to send the invitation SMS using your phone airtime. You have to consider bulk SMS. It is far cheaper and can be customized to your taste.


Just how do you send the invitation bulk SMS to everyone at the same time quick and easy without having to write out all the numbers by hand? Follow the steps below:

So, there is this particular guy living on your streets that you just can’t get your eyes off. Or is it that cute dude you can’t just help stealing quick glances at every time he crosses your path and you can only silently pray and wish he will be yours?


Gone are the days of waiting around and hoping ‘he might just notice that I’m noticing him’. Who says ladies can’t make the move too? This valentine season is the podium you need to let that special one know just how much he means to you. Here are five (5) smart things you seriously need to consider:

Okay. So, there is that beautiful lady you attend classes with who never allow you concentrate, always distracting with her beauty? Or is it that pretty damsel who gives you butterflies whenever you see her smile? You can keep staring from now till tomorrow but can’t just mumble together a sentence. Don’t feel bad, you’re not alone.


You’ve spent a whole lot of time on secret admiration and silent appreciation but unfortunately, there has been no expression. Don’t worry, this is the time. This love season presents you with the perfect platform to face your fears; make your move. Here are five (5) sure things you need to do to get that girl of your dreams this valentine.

Do you use an Iphone ? Need help on how to get the phone numbers saved on your Iphone copied on your computer for bulk SMS purpose? Then you are in the right place.


Here is a brief step by step tutorial on how to get phone numbers saved on your Iphone copied on your PC using the SmartSMSSolutions’ phone number extractor.



Are you planning a classy wedding ceremony for the near future? No doubt you’ll want families and friends to grace the occasion, as that contributes to the beauty of the day.


When it comes to inviting people to the occasion, which better place to start from if not from your phone contacts? Are you wondering how to get a customized invitation bulk SMS across to all your phone contacts at the cheapest price available?


No, you don’t have to copy the numbers out by hand as that can be very tasking. Follow these two (2) steps that help you send the bulk SMS to everyone in less than 10 minutes. Yes, 10 minutes.

SmartSMSSolutions’ new phone number extractor is already proving to be a blockbuster is the areas of telecommunication and marketing. Not only can it be used to get out phone numbers from as many as 10 different file types, it can also help in getting phone numbers saved on your mobile phones on your computer.


If you are using an android phone, click here to see a step by step procedure of how to get the phone numbers on it copied on your computer. If you are a user of a windows phone however, here is a guide on how to copy out your phone contacts on your computer.



It’s the season of love. It’s that time of the year when you let that special person in your life know just how much he/she means to you. Be the first to send that unique one a unique SMS from our loads of unique love and romantic SMS for February 14th, the unique happy valentine day.


Sample Happy Valentine Love and Romantic SMS, Text Messages and Quotes

Love is as much of an object as an obsession,
Everybody wants it,
Everybody seeks it, but few ever find it,
Those who do, will cherish it, be lost in it, and
Among all, never.. Never forget it.

Find here a great and exciting collection of sample happy new month messages that can be shared with families, friends, colleagues and other acquaintances for February 1st 2016.


Sample Happy New Month SMS/Text Messages for February 1st 2016

Welcome to February.
Unending favor,
prosperity and
good health are my wishes for U.
Wishing U the very best in all your endeavors this month and beyond


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