Uses of Bulk SMS - Association, Professional Bodies, Student Unions, Governing Bodies, etc


Why Use Bulk Messaging

  • It is by far the cheapest. A regular mail to one recipient at present costs N50 at least, this same amount can be used to reach up 25 people. Let alone the cost of express mail or print advert.
  • According to a recent NCC report, virtually all Nigerian adult now have a phone. Thus, almost all, if not all association member can be reached through SMS.
  • Phones are powered on almost 24 hours of the day making accessibility almost instantaneous. In instances where a phone is switched off or out service, the message is delivered the moment the mobile terminal is available.
  • Phones needs no internet connect to work as required by mail
  • Assurance of delivery which contrast the regular mail
  • There is less security worry of the information getting into wrong hands.
  • Sent messages can be forwarded to other recipients with ease

What Bulk Messaging Can Achieve

Bulk Messaging can be used to achieve the following

  • Meeting Notification
  • Annual due payment reminder
  • Information distribution
  • Alerts and Updates eg updating members of recent developments in respect of an issue