Past/Sent Messages (SMS) – How to View Message Status

1.    You can know whether your message(s) has/have been sent by using the “Sent Message” Panel. To view sent message status, log in at (Click here to learn how to log in. If you are not a registered member, please click here to register)

2.    Visit
Userguide Bulk SMS SmartSMSSolutions
3.    Look for the message by scrolling through the log of the messages. Check the fourth column under the heading “Status” to know if your message was sent or not

4.    If the message failed which will be indicated with “Failed” on status, a short description of the error will be given. Examples are given below

a.    Failed: Insufficient Credit
b.    Failed: System Error
c.    Failed: API Error

5.    Contact 07034243326, should you experience a failed message.