Phone Book – How to Search For a Phone Number in the Address Book

1.    If you have a large volume of phone numbers, scrolling through the long list to find a number can both tedious and even impossible at times. To search for a phone number or a group of phone numbers in your address book, log in at (Click here to learn how to log in. If you are not a registered member, please click here to register)

2.    Then visit

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3.    Click on the tab “VIEW/EDIT PHONE BOOK & GROUPS”. It will slide up to reveal the panel

4.    Click on “VIEW /EDIT PHONE BOOK”

5.    The page containing all the phone numbers will loaded

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6.    If you have a large volume of phone number, select “25” from the “Page size” drop down

Userguide Bulk SMS SmartSMSSolutions

7.    You can search for a Address Book Group by typing the name of the Phone book group. This option will show only the phone numbers in that particular Address Book Group

8.    If you have stored a contact with a specific name, you can also type the name in the “Contact Name” text box

9.    You can also search for phone number directly by using the “Contact Phone” Search box

10.    All these search options are independent of one another, thus search can be carried out using just one search option.