Phone Book – How to Edit a Phone Number in a Phone Book Group

1.    You can edit a phone number in your address book. You can add a name to an existing phone number or correct a wrong phone number. To edit a phone number in your address book, log in at (Click here to learn how to log in. If you are not a registered member, please click here to register)

2.    Then visit

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3.    Click on the tab “VIEW/EDIT PHONE BOOK & GROUPS”. It will slide up to reveal the panel

4.    Click on “VIEW /EDIT PHONE BOOK”

5.    The page containing all the phone numbers will loaded

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6.    If the phone number or contact you will like to edit is not immediately visible, you can use the Search panel to search by phone number, Address book group or the contact name

7.    When the contact to be edited is visible, click on the “Edit” button to the left side of the contact

8.    The contact editing page will be visible

9.    You can make the necessary adjustments

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10.    When you are done click “Update”. To return to the previous page without saving the changes click the “Cancel” Button.

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