Phone Book – How to Add Multiple Users to an Address Book

1.    You can add multiple phone numbers to a phone book group.  To add multiple phone numbers to an address book, log in at (Click here to learn how to log in. If you are not a registered member, please click here to register)

2.    Then visit

Userguide Bulk SMS SmartSMSSolutions

3.    Click on the “ADD MULTIPLE NUMBERS TO PHONE BOOK” panel. It will slide up

4.    In the text box “Phone Numbers separated by commas”, type the phone numbers separated by commas. You can also copy and paste the phone numbers from a file as long as the phone numbers are separated by commas.

5.    Using the “Group Drop down”, select your desired Group

6.    When you are done, click on “Add Phone Numbers”

7.    A report will then generated

8.    If you get some “Invalid Numbers” removed as part of the status report. You can ignore this as long as the total added numbers equals the numbers you have type. The “Invalid Number” generated is due to the spaces at the end of the phone numbers

9.    Click “OK” to complete the process