Send SMS – How Set a Default Sender ID

1.    You can set your default Sender ID if there is Sender ID you often use when you send messages. This helps to save a lot time and reduces wasted effort. To do this, log in at (Click here to learn how to log in. If you are not a registered member, please click here to register).

2.    Then visit This will load the “My Settings” page

3.    Click the “SET YOUR DEFAULT SENDER ID” bar and this will slide up

Userguide Bulk SMS SmartSMSSolutions

4.    In the “Sender ID” text box type your default Send ID. Sender ID can have a maximum length of 11 characters only.

5.    When done click “Set as Default”

Userguide Bulk SMS SmartSMSSolutions

6.    You will get a confirmation of the action

7.    Click “OK” to close