Send SMS – How to Send SMS Using Notepad

1.    If you like to keep your phone numbers for future usage but do not want to use the online phone book you can use the Notepad (Windows Operating System) or any other text editor to save the phone numbers

2.    To launch Notepad in Windows XP, click on the start button, place the cursor on All Programs, move to Accessories and click on Notepad on the last pane

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3.    To launch Notepad in Windows Vista and Windows 7, click on the start button (the button on the bottom left corner of the computer screen). Type Notepad in the “Start Search Panel” and press “Enter” on the keyboard.

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4.    This will launch the notepad application

5.    Copy the Phone numbers from the source application and paste in the Notepad Application

6.    Press “Ctrl+S” on the keyboard to save the file. Note where the file is saved on your computer.

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7.    To send SMS using the notepad, visit www.smartsmssolutions/sendsms (This page will only be active after login. Click here to register if you are not registered yet. Click here to learn how to login).

8.    Type in the Sender ID text box what you want the recipient to see as the Sender of the Message

9.    Next, click on the “Type Recipient” bar and Select the “Upload Recipients bar

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10.    This will launch an upload box for the Notepad file containing the phone numbers

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11.    Click on "Browse", locate the file containing the phone numbers on your computer and attach it

12.    In the Message box, type your message

13.    When you are done, Click “Send” Button

14.    You will subsequently be informed of how many messages were sent, how many duplicates were removed and how many invalid numbers are removed.