Send SMS – How to Send One Message (SMS)

1.    To send SMS, log in at . To learn how to login step by step, please click here.

2.    After successful login you will be directed to the web page where you can send SMS or visit

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3.    In the first line, Sender ID, type in what you want the receiver to see on his/her phone as the Sender. The maximum allowable characters are 11 characters.

4.    Next type the phone number of the recipient (the phone number you are sending the message to) in the Recipients Box. Acceptable format are 080xxxxxx, 23480xxxxxxx, +23480xxxxxxx, 00923480xxxxxx, 070xxxxxx, 23470xxxxxxx, +23470xxxxxxx, 00923470xxxxxx, etc

5.    Next, type the Message in the next box ("Message" box). Messages can be more than more one page. Such messages will be concatenated without any breakage. Appropriate number of units will thus be deducted.

6.    When done, click the Send button.

7.    You will subsequently be informed of how many messages were sent, how many duplicates were removed and how many invalid numbers are removed.