Register/Login – How to Register for Bulk SMS with up to 30 Free SMS units

1.    To register, please visit to sign up. It is free.

2.    In the appropriate field, provide the following pieces of information:

a.    Your full name

b.    Your Desired username to be used at SmartSMSSolutions

c.    Your Email address

d.    Your GSM Number. The acceptable formats are 08xxxxxxxxx, 2348xxxxxxxxx, etc.

e.    Your desired password to be used on SmartSMSSolutions

3.    When you are done, click the “Register/Sign Up" button

4.    Once the registration process is successful, you will be automatically logged in and required to confirm your phone number.

5.    Click on the "Confirm Phone Number" link, the next page will give a chance to confirm that you want to confirm your phone number. Click "Confirm My Phone Number" once you are sure that your phone number is displayed correctly. If not, please call 07034243326 for support.

Confirm your phone number on SmartSMSSolutions


Confirm my phone number on smartsms

6.    An 8-digit confirmation will then be sent to your phone as an SMS. Input the code the code in the space provided and click "Confirm". Once the confirmation is successful, you will be alerted by SMS and credited with 10 free SMS units instantly.