A person, group or organization who has access to bulk SMS service at any chosen time can be said to have the world on her palms and rightly so. Bulk SMS is an effective communication tool for arranging meetings, pass out reminders and the most interesting part; get a full house for a house party or gathering in no time.

In most wedding occasions if not all, the event isn’t complete if the customary chief bride’s maid and the other assistant maids are not there, dressed elegantly, walking behind the bride to the amazement of the crowd present. Bridal train is undoubtedly one of the exciting elements of any wedding ceremony.


If you are preparing for a wedding ceremony in the near future, you will want to seriously consider getting a bridal train and organizing this effectively before that day, not least due to the numerous roles the maids can play towards the success of the big day.



Getting married in itself is nice. However, a wedding occasion lacks the extra bit of spark and excitement if people are not there to grace it. Because people know the value of having people present for their wedding ceremony, they go to lengths, doing whatever possible to create awareness with families and friends before the big day.


We’ve already considered how bulk SMS can be used for save-the-date, wedding invitation and wedding reminders. Also, we’ve seen how bulk SMS can be used to organize a committee of friends for the occasion, and how it can be used for announcing a color code for the wedding.


Another important channel many couples have used in creating awareness for their wedding ceremony is the use of wedding website usually called wedsite blog, or application. This can be a face of your wedding to come and can support the use of bulk SMS for awareness. Here are some of the things you can accomplish with a wedding site:

Very few persons will argue that color codes on wedding days are one of the interesting elements in any wedding occasion. When chosen carefully and intelligently, color code can really lighten up the ceremony and get people excited. However, if the wrong choice is made, it can practically set the tone for a boring, dull and better forgotten wedding occasion.


Certainly you would not want your wedding occasion to fall in the same category as the latter mentioned above. In order to ensure you make an informed and best decision in your choice of color combo for your upcoming wedding ceremony, which will be sent to all guest through bulk SMS well before the day, we’ve put together a few tips in choosing the right color combination, what to avoid and examples of some of the most popular color schemes that works.



Have you ever attended a wedding ceremony before and feel awed at the colorful display on show there? Or most probably you’ve attended one and you can sense a dull atmosphere from the conflicting color riot taking place there. The bottom line is that colors are very important elements in life. They create excitement when used in the right way, and if used wrongly, then they can also turn people off.


One thing that is ever becoming a constant feature in wedding occasions today is a dress code. The groom and his bride decide on a fitting dress code for their wedding and also get friends and family in the loop about this. And when everyone go by the color code for the big day, the occasion turns out beautiful.


We have considered how you can use bulk SMS for the 3 major phases of wedding invitation, which are; save-the-date, formal invitation and then wedding reminders. Sandwiched between these phases of wedding notification should be a dress code notification SMS.



Once the decision has been taken to use a committee of friends in your wedding planning process, and those you wish to use have been identified, you can inform them of this using bulk SMS. Click here to see how. Also, there is a need to always have meetings of the committee members, as organized by the chairman of the committee. Bulk SMS can equally be used to arrange such meetings. Just in case you missed how, see here.


Another important thing bulk SMS can help you accomplish regarding committee of friends organization towards success of your wedding ceremony is delegation of roles and assignment. Here is how this can be done.

We have already seen why committee of friends can play a major role towards the success of your big day; your wedding day. Also, the role bulk SMS can play in selecting members of your committee of friends has also been considered. Just in case you missed it, click here to see.


Choosing members of your committee of friends though is just a first step up the stairs; you are going to need to organize the committee so that everyone gets acquainted with latest developments in the planning process and up to scratch with what is required of each one of them. To do this, regular meetings of committee members have to be held.



A wedding ceremony is no child’s play. It is an exciting occasion that can only reach that status with advance quality planning and preparation. You and your partner would get involved in a lot of things to ensure the big day is a success. You can therefore do with some help in lessening the burden on your shoulders.


Many couples get the help of wedding planners to assist with some of the arrangements needed for the big day. While this is equally effective, a committee of friends can do this for you effectively. A committee of friends comprises of bosom friends that are trustworthy, who handles specific functions towards the success of your wedding ceremony.



Phase 1 of wedding invitation is the save-the-date. We've already seen how Bulk SMS can effectively be used for this and when it should be sent. After this comes phase 2 which is the first official invitation to the wedding. When and how this should be done has also been considered. Now, you are set for the third and final phase of your wedding invitation, which is wedding reminders.



For a memorable and successful wedding occasion, adequate planning a long time before the day is extremely important. We’ve considered how to go about the first phase of ensuring people gets informed about the event and attend, and that is how bulk SMS can be used for Save-the-date.


After the Save-the-date SMS must have been sent, the next thing is to send a formal invitation to all those you will want to attend your wedding ceremony. Well, before you take that limited cash and spend it all on printing invitation cards, you might want to check the article on Bulk SMS vs. Invitation cards-Why use bulk SMS for wedding invitation?


By now, you should be convinced about taking the same route you took for sending a Save-the-date, sending an SMS from a bulk SMS account for your wedding invitation. Let’s take a moment to consider when you should send the wedding invite, what should be included in the wedding invitation, and how you can use bulk SMS to accomplish this.


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