All departments in tertiary institutions have an association that governs or controls the general activities of the department. There is an executive body comprising of majorly the president, the vice-president, the General Secretary, the treasurer, the public relation officer (PRO), the financial secretary, director of sports, director of socials, among others.


All the Executives and the senate members have a responsibility in ensuring the department is ran smoothly and moved forward, and bulk SMS can help make the work less difficult. Here are some ways the association can use bulk SMS effectively.

Class representatives in tertiary institutions have a great responsibility on their shoulders. Organizing a class consisting of different individuals from differing backgrounds and characters can be really challenging.


Amigst the challenges though, such leadership position can be quite exciting and it stands you in good stead to take up bigger leadership roles in the near future. One of the essential key to being a successful class representative is adequate communication with the other members of the class and bulk SMS can be used in accomplishing this.

Associations are bodies consisting of individuals either coming from the same field of study (professional associations) or voluntarily coming together to achieve a common goal (voluntary associations). There are lots of such associations or bodies in Nigeria today.


One of the important key to success in any association is efficient communications. Here is the various ways bulk SMS counts in this aspect.

The global world is going mobile. People are turning to the internet for virtually everything they need. This has gone beyond just checking for quick answers to questions, people are actually looking to buy things they need online.


Online malls have actually not disappointed in this regard, with lots of malls coming up on a daily basis and people actively patronizing them. Because of the technicality of the logistics involved in running an online mall, effective communications between the shopping mall and the registered customers is very important. Here is various ways bulk SMS is been used to accomplish this.

In the first part of this series on how hotel managers can use bulk SMS effectively, 5 ways of doing this were analyzed. Here are 5 more ways hotels can use bulk SMS to drive traffic and make more profit.

Large-scale businesses are establishments or industries that requires huge infrastructure, lots of employees and huge annual turn-over.

The ultimate goal of any business is to stay relevant in the market, gather more customers/subscribers, manage effectively their employee base and generate more profit.

Below are eight (8) major ways large scale businesses can use bulk SMS to manage their business:

According to the great Aristotle Socrates Onassis, “The secret of a business is to know something that nobody else knows”. Good thing, many persons today has recognized the fact that entrepreneurship is the game changer in the industry now, and are already delving into it. But there is something lots of small scale business owners today are neglecting that could transform their business for good.

Here are 5 major ways bulk SMS can be a game-changer for your small-scale business.

The most important part of any organization, company, business, or firm for its abiding success is the people inside the set-up. Even when money is splashed on infrastructure and other things but the staffs are not doing the best, it’s only a matter of time before such organization crumbles.

In order to ensure all employees of an organization are working into ensuring the overall goals of the organization are achieved, regular and meaningful communications are essential. Here are 10 ways bulk SMS can help you accomplish this:

The session has ended and the new one is about to start. You wonder, “How do I get more students to join us in the new session? The rate at which angry parents flocks to the school, always complaining of one thing or the other is becoming alarming and parents are taking their kids every day. You ask yourself “How do I manage this school? Aren’t we going down? Or maybe you just established your dream school and you need help on where to start to manage it effectively?

The SmartSMSSolutions’ Refer-and-Earn Program is a wonderful opportunity to get lots of referral points to the point where you could even hold off spending for SMS units, while your tree of referrals produce the units for you. All that is expected from you is to make someone register through you and when they buy units, you get the bonus instantly.


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