There are numerous agencies in Nigeria that are established under the purview of the federal government of Nigeria. They perform varying functions as defined which their scope. Year in year out, vacant positions are opened up in these government agencies for grabs. The country in turn produces thousands of graduates, qualified ones year in year out to fill in these positions.


Some government agencies use the help of recruitment/employment agencies to assist in their recruiting process. These agencies uses bulk SMS extensively in organizing the process. See here how recruitment agencies uses bulk SMS for vacancies notifications.

Government agencies are organizations set-up to perform varying functions which are under the management of the government of a country. These agencies might function in the area of intelligence, security, electoral processes, agriculture, and sports e.t.c.


Among the various functions which the government of a country is dedicated to is ensuring security of her citizens. Over the years, the issue of security has become a very important one even in Nigeria as a case study.


In light of this, there are various intelligence agencies in Nigeria that have been put in place to help in the fight against criminal activities. Examples are the Nigeria Police Force (NPA) and the State Security Service (SSS).


Among the numerous steps that can be taken by these agencies in their fight against crimes, bulk SMS can be used effectively in curbing criminal activities to a large extent. Here is how this might be done.

Labor unions or trade unions as they are sometimes called are organizations or groups of workers in an establishment that comes together to achieve a common goal. This might be to get better working conditions, to get adjustment to firms’ policies that are not beneficial, to get higher pay, or a combination of all this.


Unfortunately, many workers working in different firms are underpaid by the organization in relation to their qualifications and years of service. In situations like this, the labor union has a responsibility towards ensuring the workers belonging to the union get their due.

It has been proven beyond doubt that everyone needs bulk SMS service. Not only is it suitable for firms, organizations and businesses, it is also fitting for personal use and one of the ways individuals can use bulk SMS is for birthday ceremony invitation.

SMS campaign has proven beyond reasonable doubts that it remains a viable and effective option for massive success in the political arena. SMS political campaign might not be that popular in Nigeria yet but the truth is many successful political aspirants has made good use of this at time past and have great success stories.

Here is a view around the world to see how SMS has been the game changer for some top political success in recent years.


It is no news that unemployment is becoming the order the day among Nigerian youths today. Many of these are graduates from various tertiary institutions. Nigerian institutions continue to produce multitudes of graduate year in year out and the truth is that the system does not have sufficient jobs to adequately accommodate these persons, and thus the high percentage of unemployment.

NGOs are non-governmental and non-profit making organizations. This might be charity organizations, empowerment organizations or service providing organizations, usually set up by individuals, group of individuals or businesses and are funded by the business, the person(s) or financial institutions.


Because non-governmental organizations are not driven towards money making and are simply there to render assistance to people, effective organization is a must. Communication within the organization and with the general public is essential and bulk SMS has been proven to be an effective communication medium.

In many universities in Nigeria, the graduation ceremony is termed convocation. For lots of youths in tertiary institutions around the world, this day ranks among one of the most important days in their lives and rightly so. After going through the stress that school brings and privileged to be among those who made it to the finished line, you deserve the best convocation ceremony.

It was reported that about 1,475,477 candidates wrote the UTME CBT 2015 examinations. The universities in Nigeria though have a capacity and reports have it that a little more than 30% of admission applicants get admission in Nigerian universities.

You’ve written the O’level exams, you’ve taken the UTME exams, you’ve written the post UTME test also, and now against all odds you’ve finally been admitted into your favorite tertiary institution. Who says you don’t deserve the best matriculation ever especially given the statistics mentioned above?

Simply put, real estate business involves renting, buying and selling of lands, buildings and other properties on it. The estate manager(s) either owns the property or manages them for a private owner. This is one of the large scale businesses in Nigeria today. In order to ensure success in this business, adequate marketing and communication is essential.


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