Wedding invitation SMS can be seen as direct alternatives or compliments to invitation cards. On every wedding invitation cards, there are adequate details concerning those getting married and therefore, anybody picking it up can easily tell who they are. The invitation cards usually include the names of the couples and the names of the family they come from. Those serves as the sender ID in a wedding invitation card.


While using bulk SMS though, not every details included on an invitation card can be in a text message. Besides, the standard for an SMS sender ID will not allow you include all your names, your partner names and your individual parents name as a sender ID. Even with this though, you can still carve out a unique and informative sender ID for your wedding invitation SMS and still ensure no information gets lost.


Below are some few options of wedding invitation sender IDs that are widely used for wedding invitation text messages, and which seems to be the best.

Bulk SMS users understand that sender IDs are what appear to recipients of an SMS as the source or sender of the message. If you are using the bulk SMS service for business marketing, which you rightly should, your chosen unique sender ID can transform your business in various ways, either positively or negatively.

Here are some various ways business marketing SMS sender IDs can transform your business in no time:

Simply put, SMS sender ID is the name or number that appears as the source of the message when it is received. For customized bulk SMS, this could either be the name of a firm, an organization, an association, a business or governmental establishments e.t.c depending on the identity of the sender.

There are two forms of sender IDs, namely:

Probably, you have tried sending a bulk SMS using your phone number as the sender ID before and the message did not get to the recipient(s), or the message got to the receiver but the sender ID delivered with an omission of some of the digits in the phone numbers. Here are some of the reasons why sending SMS with phone numbers as the sender ID is discouraged.

You must have noticed through sending of bulk SMS from your registered bulk SMS account that the maximum number of characters allowed for sender ID is 11 characters. Sometimes though you have sender IDs you wish to use for your messages which are more than 11 characters. Although it cannot be increased more than 11 characters, the good thing is there are ways you could optimize this.


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