Government agencies are put in place in their respective positions to offer quality services to the people, services that hang around the role of the particular government agency. Many of these agencies offer services that directly affect the masses and in unexpected cases of failure to live up to such demands, the people suffer.


Some of these agencies that have such impact on people directly are; agencies in the communications and media sector like the Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC), News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) among others, the energy sector like the Power Holding Company of Nigeria, the intelligence agency such as the State Security Service, security agencies like the Nigerian Police Force, the Nigerian Security and Civil Defense Corps among others. These agencies roles are paramount to people’s general well being and safety.


There might be times though when due to some unforeseen occurrences, there is a likelihood of failure on the part of one of these agencies to effectively dispense its duties. The people who depends on these agencies deserves to know and bulk SMS can effectively solve that need.

Emergencies are situations that are unexpected and often dangerous, posing an immediate risk to life, environment, health or property and thereby requiring an immediate and prompt action. Emergency situations that might affect residents of a place might range from natural disasters such as flooding, fire outbreak, and earthquakes e.t.c to terrorists attacks, service outage, health emergencies or diseases outbreak, oil spillage and so on.


In order to check these emergency situations and provide adequate awareness and help for victims or prospective ones, the government has agencies in place equipped to handle this. Among this agencies are police services, armed forces, fire services, health bodies and other relief sectors.


At the aftermath of events that poses risks to human life and property, or especially in cases of impending emergency situations, proper general public awareness and guidance is needed. Here is how bulk SMS can be used to address this situation.

There are numerous agencies in Nigeria that are established under the purview of the federal government of Nigeria. They perform varying functions as defined which their scope. Year in year out, vacant positions are opened up in these government agencies for grabs. The country in turn produces thousands of graduates, qualified ones year in year out to fill in these positions.


Some government agencies use the help of recruitment/employment agencies to assist in their recruiting process. These agencies uses bulk SMS extensively in organizing the process. See here how recruitment agencies uses bulk SMS for vacancies notifications.

Government agencies are organizations set-up to perform varying functions which are under the management of the government of a country. These agencies might function in the area of intelligence, security, electoral processes, agriculture, and sports e.t.c.


Among the various functions which the government of a country is dedicated to is ensuring security of her citizens. Over the years, the issue of security has become a very important one even in Nigeria as a case study.


In light of this, there are various intelligence agencies in Nigeria that have been put in place to help in the fight against criminal activities. Examples are the Nigeria Police Force (NPA) and the State Security Service (SSS).


Among the numerous steps that can be taken by these agencies in their fight against crimes, bulk SMS can be used effectively in curbing criminal activities to a large extent. Here is how this might be done.


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