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Wow! It is a leap day and SmartSMSSolutions is giving all its active clients a LEAP. In line with its ethos of putting our customers first, SmartSMSSolutions on February 29, 2016 gave away hundreds of thousands of SMS units to its esteemed clients in appreciation of their patronage and support. Active clients get varying amount of SMS units as a token our sincere appreciation.

We want to use this opportunity to say a very big THANK YOU to all our clients. We love you! We celebrate you! We appreciate you!

As 2016, continues to unfold, we hope to wow you with state-of-the-art technology and solutions in Mobile Marketing and Bulk Messaging. Above all, we wish you a resounding all-round success in leaps and bounds this Leap Year!

Once again, Thank You!

As part of the NYSC directive towards realizing the major aim of its scheme, for serving youth Corp members to impact positively in the community they find themselves, every serving Corp member is mandated to join a community development service (CDS) group during his/her duration of service.

In view of the recent stance taken by the Central Bank of Nigeria towards addressing the dwindling Nigerian Economy, to place a stamp duty charge on all cash deposits and electronic transfer, we announced that beginning March 1st 2016, the 50 naira stamp duty charge will apply to all payments of 1000 naira and above for bulk SMS units.

The advantages of bulk SMS as a means of communication between parents and the school authority in schools cannot be overemphasized. Tuition fees reminders is one important aspect. Additionally, in the area of organizing the Parents- Teachers Association (PTA) body, bulk SMS can be used to intimate parents of scheduled meetings. Another very beneficial aspect of bulk SMS with regards to PTA is in the area of getting important conclusions drawn and decisions made across to all the parents.

If you are a serving National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) member in any of the states in Nigeria, you most likely belong to a Community Development Service group and rightly so. It helps in ensuring the aims of the youth service scheme are realized in your state of deployment.


With a new batch of Corps member about to be deployed very soon, the present executives of your CDS group will be relinquishing their post soon as they finish their service year and pass out. If you are someone who has a knack for leadership, then you might want to consider standing up for a post in the group. Most likely though you are not the only one interested in your choice of post, how then can you beat the competition and get the opportunity to offer what you have?

Find here a great collection of sample happy new month SMS, goodwill messages, prayers and quotes that can be sent to family, relatives, friends, colleagues and other acquaintances for March 1st 2016.



U re welcome 2 month of March,
U'l March in2 ur glory,
all round blessing,
gra8 upliftment,Joy.
May u neva March in2 ur untimely death dis month.

It is no longer news that a N50-stamp-duty charge has been imposed on all account deposits since January 15, 2016. This according to the Central Bank of Nigeria is "to boost [the country's] revenue base", by "exploring revenue opportunities in the non-oil sectors especially taxes and rates."

Examination periods are one of the the most emotionally tense periods for youths. At such times, lots of things weigh on their minds and the desire to come out in flying colors brings pressure on their shoulders.


What help can you render as a dear friend, a family member, a tutor or a colleague of someone who is about to sit for the forthcoming UTME and post UTME exams? Emotional encouragement can go a long way towards ensuring success. Why not send a customized success wishes SMS to those dear ones at this important moment of their lives. Parents, Friends, Relatives, Colleagues, School teachers, Neighbours and other loved ones can send this.


If you have a bulk SMS account already and you have the phone numbers saved in your mobile phone, here is a brief procedure of how to extract these numbers for this purpose.

One of the solutions that have been provided to bridge the gap between school teachers and the parents of their students is the Parents-Teacher Association, a forum that brings parents and teachers together and affords them the opportunity to rub mind together towards ensuring effective learning conditions for the students.


For the mutual satisfaction between the school authority and the parents of the pupils/students in the school, there must be an efficient Parents-Teachers Association. Constant communication between both parties is also very important. Bulk SMS plays a major role in this regard.

The Primary and Secondary schools have returned from the Christmas holidays for a long time now. Tuition fees payment is overdue already. It could be quite challenging though most times to get all the students to pay their school fees promptly, given that some do not even remember to mention this at home to their parents.


An effective communication system between the school management and the parents then is very important to facilitate easy collection of the tuition fees. Bulk SMS can solve this pressing need. With bulk SMS, you have a communication channel that gets to the parents/guardians directly and very cheap at that. You can equally customize the sender ID to be the name of your school. All you need to do is very simple.


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