Once you have registered a bulk SMS account with SmartSMSSolutions, you can login to your account anytime you want to send messages in 4 simple Steps. 1. Visit www.xmx1.com
There are several occasions and/or celebrations where the use of bulk SMS is warranted, whether for use as invitation or appreciation to those who attended the occasion. These might include; weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, job promotions, convocation ceremonies e.t.c. What if you have a place you can go and get messages…
There are times when you just want to send a customized bulk SMS to the phone numbers that are saved on your Android mobile phone, maybe a bulk invitation message to them for your wedding ceremony, and other occasions, without having to grab a paper and pen and start writing…
The 14th of February 2016 marks the valentine's day for the year 2015. Here at SmartSMSSolutions, because of our love for you, we have a customer care unit that is readily available to take you through any questions, inquiries, complaints, concerns or issues you might have concerning the use of…
SmartSMSSolutions has arguably the most affordable pricing plan of any bulk SMS service provider without hidden charges, a pricing plan that affords you the opportunity to pay less as you buy more SMS units. On SmartSMSSolutions, a unit of SMS by the pricing plan goes for as low as N1:35K.In…
Is there a Fidelity bank branch close to where you stay? Or maybe you are an account holder with Fidelity bank plc? Here is how to buy bulk SMS units for your account at any Fidelity bank branch in Nigeria and get credited instantly.
Do you have a bank account with Guarantee Trust Bank (GTB) Nig. PLC? If yes, do you know you can make transfer of funds from your mobile phone at the comfort of your house using the GTB mobile transfer provision? On May 2015, GTB introduced the mobile transfer service which…
There might be times when you need to use a particular feature on SmartSMSSolutions website but have little difficulty on how to go about it. Do you know there is a standard site map on the website that directs you to any content at all you desire on the SmartSMSSolutions…
Did you download the SmartSMSSolutions’ Android mobile application recently? Perhaps you could do with a little assistance on the features of the application and how to use it? Here are some of the provisions on the mobile application and how you can use it to send bulk SMS.
What do I do when I send a bulk SMS and some recipients of the message do not get it? There are some factors that might cause partial delivery of bulk SMS. Once those factors have been identified, the next thing after a message has been sent is to check…
FIDELITY bank plc has about 220 branches scattered all over Nigeria. You can pay for bulk SMS units at SmartSMSSolutions at any FIDELITY bank branch in Nigeria. Here are all the branches in Nigeria where you can pay for bulk SMS units.
You can make payment for bulk SMS units at any STANBIC IBTC bank branch in Nigeria. See here all the STANBIC bank branches in Nigeria, perhaps there is one close to where you stay or where you are heading to.
ZENITH Bank plc is one of the banks in Nigeria where you can pay for bulk SMS units at SmartSMSSolutions. Here is a full list of all the branches of Zenith bank in Nigeria by states, so you can find one close to you.
Do you have a bank account with Zenith Bank PLC? Or there is a Zenith Bank branch close to your area? Here is how to pay for bulk SMS units at any Zenith Bank branch in Nigeria.
Is there an ACCESS bank branch close to where you stay? Or you have an account with ACCESS bank plc? See here how to make payments for bulk SMS units at any ACCESS bank in Nigeria.
You can pay for bulk SMS units at any ACCESS BANK branch in Nigeria. Find below all the branches of ACCESS BANK in Nigeria as at present so you can see one that is closest to you.
One of the banks where you can pay for bulk SMS units on SmartSMSSolutions is GTbank. Here are all the branches in Nigeria by the various states, perhaps there might be one close to you that you never knew or close to where you are heading to.
Are you an account holder with Guarantee Trust Bank Plc (GTBANK)? Or you have a GTBANK branch close to where you stay? Here Is how to pay for bulk SMS units at GTBANK.
Do you have a bank account with FIRSTBANK PLC? Or there is a FIRSTBANK branch close to where you stay? Here is how to pay for bulk SMS units at any FIRSTBANK branch in Nigeria.


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