Recruitment, NGOs and Bulk SMS

Recruitment, NGOs and Bulk SMS (8)

Find here the different ways Non-governmental organisations and recruitment agencies can use bulk SMS effectively. Testimonials and success stories in these industries are also available

A phone number database is a collection of phone numbers, which are then organized and stored for use. Any organization that prioritizes marketing and communicates valuable information to people needs a phone number database. Non-governmental organizations are also not left out in this regard.


Bulk SMS has been shown to be an effective communication tool for all organizations, NGOs inclusive. Therefore, if the NGO is going to be sending specific targeted SMS to people, a phone number database is very important.



Non Governmental Organizations (NGOs) are establishment that offers selfless services as a humanitarian gesture. Once your NGO has been set up, the next thing is how to get the news of its inception into the ears of everyone who needs to know. We’ve already seen how this can be done, and the role bulk SMS can play in this regard. Just in case you missed that, see it here.


Once an NGO has become solidly established, one of the inevitable consistent components of the organization are training seminars and workshops, and rightly so. These seminars and workshops are organized according to needs within the area of specialization of the NGO.

Ways in which employment or recruitment agencies can use bulk SMS are numerous. Already, we’ve seen how they can use this for vacancy notifications and how it can be used to schedule aptitude tests for Job applicants that fit a particular job description.


After the aptitude test has been conducted, and the results of the test forwarded to those concerned, which can also be done through SMS, the next thing that follows is the interview session. In some cases, interviews are the only assessment given to the applicants, without aptitude tests. While aptitude tests assess the overall intellectual capacity of the job applicant, an interview is more of a conversation between a representative of the firm and the job applicant, where the firm gets to hear firsthand what the person has to offer if employed.


The same way bulk SMS has been used for vacancy awareness, for scheduling aptitude test, so also employment agencies in collaboration with the firm can use bulk SMS to place interview appointments.

Employments agencies can use bulk SMS to send vacancy notifications to job seekers who are hunting for jobs through the agency. Click here to see why bulk SMS is effective for this purpose. Once an organization or a firm who needs a particular employee though shows interest in someone with a particular level of expertise, the next thing the employment agency do is to look for those who ticks the boxes among their multitudes of applicants and schedule an aptitude test for such ones.


The same way it was with intimating such ones of vacancies using bulk SMS, so also bulk SMS will be a fitting way to organize and schedule the aptitude test with such ones. Here is how to go about that.

Non Governmental Organizations (NGOs) are established by individuals or group of individuals as a humanitarian service with the major objective of assisting people who are in need in the area of specialization of the NGO. Many NGO owners are driven towards this initiative as a service to their father land or the particular area they come from.


Because NGOs are simply there to serve the people, it is important that those that are to be served become aware that those particular organizations exist. There are lots of NGOs in Nigeria today that performs varying duties and people don’t know about them. The reason being that they haven’t done enough awareness to announce their presence. With the following suggestions though, once your NGO is set-up, you can get it into the ears of all that needs to know about it in no time.

Simply put, what employment agencies or recruitment agencies does is to match job seekers that are qualified for a particular role with the employers. With the sky rocketing increased rate of unemployment in Nigeria today, it is not surprising to see lots of employment agencies evolving on a regular basis.



It is no news that unemployment is becoming the order the day among Nigerian youths today. Many of these are graduates from various tertiary institutions. Nigerian institutions continue to produce multitudes of graduate year in year out and the truth is that the system does not have sufficient jobs to adequately accommodate these persons, and thus the high percentage of unemployment.

NGOs are non-governmental and non-profit making organizations. This might be charity organizations, empowerment organizations or service providing organizations, usually set up by individuals, group of individuals or businesses and are funded by the business, the person(s) or financial institutions.


Because non-governmental organizations are not driven towards money making and are simply there to render assistance to people, effective organization is a must. Communication within the organization and with the general public is essential and bulk SMS has been proven to be an effective communication medium.


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