Transport,Courier and Bulk SMS

Transport,Courier and Bulk SMS (5)

Transport companies, logistics and courier services are industries where communication is very essential. Find here how bulk SMS solves that need in these industries.

Because courier service involve interaction and dealings between parties who knows little or nothing about each other, integrity and trust is of a paramount importance in any courier business, if the organization is to stay ahead of competitors.


Integrity and trust is not built in a day, but a conscious effort brought about by premium service and honesty. We’ve already seen different ways couriers services can use bulk SMS effectively, with one of them being using bulk SMS for consignment delivery status. Transparency though is essential in any courier service and that is why clients must be able to get any information they need at any time from the organization. SMS can be used to accomplish this.

Transport business is on the increase day by day in Nigeria today. These business owners might deal with delivery of goods and packages from place to place, and/or converging of people either within a particular state or between different states in the country.


As a transport business owner, one of the major things you want to ensure is your customers’ satisfaction. Also, you won’t people to just use your service once and go or use it coincidentally; you will want it to be treated as a number one choice for travelers. One way to do this is to make provision for seat reservations for your clients.

With the advent and popularity of courier services today, people can now get packages delivered to families and friends either within a particular city or somewhere else with little or no fuss. You simply get the package into the hands of the courier, pay for the delivery, and it gets delivered to the recipient.


Because of what is involved in shipping an item, most times of immense value, to someone through an unknown system or person, people who use courier services usually treasure honesty, quick delivery and security of the consignment in question. With hard work, commitment and the use of the appropriate system and tools, your courier company can make a name for itself as a reliable and a go to firm for efficient delivery of packages.


One way to keep the trust and confidence of your customers is providing them with an update about the status of delivery of the consignment. That way they can track it and follow it as it moves from the sender to the receiver. There are various ways you can decide to disseminate this delivery status to your customers, from calls to the use of emails. However, bulk SMS has proven to be the most cost effective and efficient way of informing customers of consignment delivery status. See here how bulk SMS compares with Email in marketing.

Transport business and logistics is one of the lucrative large scale businesses in Nigeria today. Those into transport business deals with shipments, courier services and even transportation of people from place to place by buses or taxes.


In managing a transport business effectively, you need every help available, and if there are solutions that are proven efficient and comes at low cost towards the success of the business, you shouldn’t overlook it. Bulk SMS is an effective communication medium that can be used in managing a transport business.

Courier services deals with delivery of packages, messages and mails to people at various places. This might be within a city or town, across a region, nationwide or even globally depending on the size of the courier service. This delivery might be done via bicycles, motor cycles, cars, Lorries or even air planes depending on the coverage by the courier service.


Because people puts serious interest in fast delivery time and the safety and security of their packages and goods, courier services needs an efficient system that controls the business internally and also assures the people involved, both the sender(s) and the recipient(s) of the package that the goods and packages are secured. In ensuring smooth running of this business, here is the areas bulk SMS comes in play in courier services.


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