Politics and Bulk SMS

Politics and Bulk SMS (8)

Campaigns, winning elections, winning over the love and confidence of the masses, all these are of paramount interest to politicians. See how bulk SMS can play an integral role in ensuring these aspirations comes to fruition.

“I have a dream that one day this nation will rise up and live out the true meaning of its creed”. Thus began Martin Luther King’s famous manifesto -I Have a Dream. In this single statement, he epitomizes the basic content of a rich manifesto.


It’s been proven beyond doubt that bulk SMS is a very effective means of pushing out political manifesto for electoral positions aspirants. If this manifesto was to be given on a podium either in a large crowd or on a television, it would be possible to make it a long comprehension depending on the time afforded to the person. But since SMS are usually short, sometimes it becomes a challenge to put all the aspiration and goals in a single SMS while still keeping it short. There is an easy way of going about this though.

There are various ways politicians can use bulk SMS effectively in winning elections and staying relevant among the populace after that and one of them is in pushing out political manifesto.


Political manifesto is a public declaration made by a political aspirant before an election that explains his ideas, aims and all he hopes to accomplish during his tenure if he gets elected. The conventional way through which these are publicized today are through organized rallies, TV media, posters, billboards and other print media. Bulk SMS though can be a game change in creating public awareness of political manifesto and thus winning elections.

SMS campaign has proven beyond reasonable doubts that it remains a viable and effective option for massive success in the political arena. SMS political campaign might not be that popular in Nigeria yet but the truth is many successful political aspirants has made good use of this at time past and have great success stories.

Here is a view around the world to see how SMS has been the game changer for some top political success in recent years.


The Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) is the government approved body in charge of electoral processes in Nigeria.

It has always been the abiding desire and aim of this electoral body to conduct free, smooth and fair elections in Nigeria and over the years, different system and technology has been harnessed into realizing this. In the last general elections, one of the channels used extensively towards this goal is mobile services, bulk SMS inclusive.


Bulletin Billboards are large advertising structures located primarily on highways, expressways and major busy roads. Lots of modern day politicians uses this in pushing out awareness for their political interests and campaigns.


Lots of advantages are associated with this medium of political campaign, not least due to its size and visibility, making it an attention grabber, something that is massively needed for any political campaign to be a success.


Here is a tussle of power between bulk SMS and bulletin billboards on which has the bragging right when it comes to ensuring a more successful political campaign.

Everyone involved in politics, either the one vying for a post or the ones doing the voting will agree that the success of any figure in any political election depends largely on the campaigns prior to the elections.


Regardless of the level where the election is, is it the school election, the community ward level, the local government level, state or even the national level, a very popular means of campaign has been the use of posters.


Many persons have used this extensively and have gone ahead to win their elections, making lots of people believe that this is a very fitting and effective campaign medium. Here though are some facts about use of posters for political campaign and the use of bulk SMS to see which really is more effective looking at the big picture.

In the first part of this series on how politicians can use bulk SMS effectively to win over the masses and have their names indelibly written in the political sands of time, 5 ways of doing this was considered. Here are 5 other ways bulk SMS can be used effectively on the podium of politics.

According to an Italian poet who died many years ago, Dante Alighieri, “the secret of getting things done is to act”. That has been one of the motto of successful politicians over the years. With the competition so rampant in the political arena, anyone who fails to act is planning to fail. Now, the underlying secret is not just to act but to act in the right way.


In a bid to be successful, many political activists have gone with the use of the conventional modes of ensuring success; TV campaigns, use of posters, bill boards, newspapers and street rallies among others. Competition though only exists when you are vying to win in the same area as everyone else, whereas personal visions are unique.


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