Retail Business and Bulk SMS

Retail Business and Bulk SMS (6)

Find here interesting and trusted ways in which business owners can use bulk SMS to transform their business. Life stories and testimonials on its effectiveness are also considered.

Entrepreneurship is becoming the game changer in economies all over the world, Nigeria inclusive. Therefore, when people are willing to look away from the so-called white collar jobs and build a life of financial security for themselves by being their own boss, they deserve to be commended.


Small Scale Businesses or sometimes called SMEs are on the increase today. Because of the size of the business and the size of the capital available, such businesses run on a slim marketing budget. As such, if you are into a small scale business, you will need to invest on affordable marketing mediums that will bring a favorable return on investment in making your business grow.


Lots of small scale business owners push the little revenue they get from their business into marketing or advertisement techniques that are overly expensive and less profitable. Here though are some nice modes of marketing for a small and medium scale enterprise:

The global world is going mobile. People are turning to the internet for virtually everything they need. This has gone beyond just checking for quick answers to questions, people are actually looking to buy things they need online.


Online malls have actually not disappointed in this regard, with lots of malls coming up on a daily basis and people actively patronizing them. Because of the technicality of the logistics involved in running an online mall, effective communications between the shopping mall and the registered customers is very important. Here is various ways bulk SMS is been used to accomplish this.

Are you thinking of taking the step-up from been an employee to being your own boss? Or maybe you want to keep your well-paying job but still want to divert part of your income into a profitable venture? Here are top 20 of the endless list of large scale businesses in Nigeria that are richly rewarding.

Large-scale businesses are establishments or industries that requires huge infrastructure, lots of employees and huge annual turn-over.

The ultimate goal of any business is to stay relevant in the market, gather more customers/subscribers, manage effectively their employee base and generate more profit.

Below are eight (8) major ways large scale businesses can use bulk SMS to manage their business:

Gone are the days when people go about looking for the so-called ‘white collar’ jobs. The problem now is that even those jobs aren’t available anymore. The tough competitions for these jobs equally results in people who get them receiving less than that which their qualifications deserve.

Just think about the constant ragging by bosses who are sometimes just over demanding. It’s time to look ahead and be your own boss. Here are about 50 small-scale businesses in Nigeria that are really profitable and interestingly, require very little capital to start.

According to the great Aristotle Socrates Onassis, “The secret of a business is to know something that nobody else knows”. Good thing, many persons today has recognized the fact that entrepreneurship is the game changer in the industry now, and are already delving into it. But there is something lots of small scale business owners today are neglecting that could transform their business for good.

Here are 5 major ways bulk SMS can be a game-changer for your small-scale business.


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