How to Sign Up a Bulk SMS Account on Smart SMS Solutions

  30 June 2015

SmartSMSSolutions is arguably the leading bulk SMS platform in Nigeria. We offer solutions for bulk SMS service at affordable prices without hidden charges, and gives quality message delivery service to all our esteemed clients in the country.

To sign up a bulk SMS account with SmartSMSSolutions, simply follow the steps given below:



  • Once there, click on REGISTER on the first page on the website.


  • Provide your NAME on the platform that will be registered with your bulk SMS account. This helps us recognize you as an individual.


  • In the section for USERNAME, provide the desired name you will want to use on the platform, this may be your personal name, a nickname, the name of your firm (if you’ll be using the service for your business) or any other name or acronym that fits the purpose of you using the platform.

Please note that the username imputed must be something you will remember easily as this will be one of the login details for your bulk SMS account.


  •  Provide a valid EMAIL ADDRESS to be registered with your bulk SMS account. The purpose of this is to have an official way of communicating with the owner of the bulk SMS account in the event when important information, notifications and updates comes up.

Additionally, if you at anytime unwittingly forgets the password to your bulk SMS account, a reset of password can be done for you, with the new password sent to the email address registered. It’s therefore good to use a valid one.


  •  Next, provide your GSM NUMBER, one which you know will always be reachable. Alerts for crediting of your bulk SMS account, important updates about the service, and notifications about upcoming promos and special bonuses which come up from time to time will be sent to the registered phone number.


  • Then, give a PASSWORD of 6 characters minimum for your bulk SMS account that allows you and you alone to have an exclusive access to your account. Re-type the password in the space provided for that.


  • Once you are done, click on REGISTER/SIGN UP and your bulk SMS account is instantly registered


  • Note that you will be requested to fill in a CONFIRMATION CODE to confirm the phone number you have registered with the account. The confirmation code will be sent to your phone number instantly at that point.


Just in case you didn't receive it, click here to see what you can do then.

Once your phone number is confirmed, you'll receive free SMS units from SmartSMSSolutions to test the service.

It is important to keep your password a secret and to share it only with those you can trust. Because it is with this and the username you can gain access to your bulk SMS account.

If at the point of registration, you have any difficulty or question, you can call our customer care lines and a customer care representative will assist you through the process.

Bulk SMS service is a wonderful opportunity to reach many persons in just a short time and brings many measurable values for organizations, firms, business and the likes. It is of little wonder than that a lot of persons use this extensively today.

What are you waiting for? Register a bulk SMS account today with SmartSMSSolutions and experience the thrilling and satisfying experience of bulk SMS service solutions. Get free SMS units once registered to see how effective the service is.

Use the comment box below to share with us your experience while registering a bulk SMS account with SmartSMSSolutions.


  • 10 Free SMS on Sign-Up
  • 5% Bonus on First Purchase
  • Delivery Report Available
  • Most Affordable Pricing
  • Easy Payment Channels

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