Today In History- World's First Pregnant Man Gives Birth,US Siamese Twins Amy and Angela Were Born

  29 June 2015
  • On This Day 2008, the World’s First Pregnant Man Gives Birth to a Daughter

Thomas Beatie was born on January 20, 1974. Thomas is a Trans man i.e. a man who was assigned female at birth but whose gender identity is that of a man.

Thomas married his wife Nancy in the year 2003, although the couple got separated 2012.

Thomas chose to become pregnant because his wife was infertile. In 2007, he became known as the pregnant man when he got pregnant through artificial insemination with a cryogenic donated sperm.

Thomas Beatie delivered his first child Susan Juliette Beatie on June 39, 2008.

Thomas was to have 2 more children after that, giving birth to all 3 of his children between 2008-2010, a female and 2 male.

Ofcourse, he got himself an award, Guiness World Record 2010 named him the “world’s first married man to give birth”, and gave him the title: “World’s First Pregnant Man”.

  • On This Day 2007, the First Generation Apple Iphone Went on Sale

On this day, June 29, the year 2007, Apple Inc released on sale the first generation Apple Iphone on sale in the United States, with the model A1203.

It was then known as Iphone1, Iphone 1G or Iphone 2G.

It has GPRS connectivity and EDGE support for transfer of data, and an operating system Iphone os 1.0.

it was reported that thousands of people in the U.S waited outside Apple retail stores days days before it was launched.

Apple was to announce its successor though on June 9 2008, the Iphone 3G and so the Iphone1 went obsolete. Before then however, Apple sold 6.1 million units of the Iphone1.

Today, the Iphone has been a dominant force in the mobile maket, with the latest been the Iphone6 and Iphone6 plus, with rumors having it that there is an impending new model, Iphone6s or Iphone7, no one knows except Apple.

  • On This Day 1986, Argentina beats West Germany 3-2 to win 13th Edition of Fifa World Cup Title

The 1986 Fifa World cup, the 13th Edition was held in Mexico City.

Argentina and Germany made their way to the final of the tournament held at Estadio Azteca in Mexico. The stadium has an attendance of 114,600 spectators for the match

Argentina had in their team the fans’ favorite Diego Maradonna, who also played in the final.

The match ended 3-2 and Argentina won their 2nd World cup trophy.

4 years later, both teams met again in the final of the 14th edition of the World cup, with West Germany winning this time 1-0. It will be recalled the teams met again in the last World cup, 2014 final for a record 3rd time, and Germany won the tournament, defeating Argentina 1-0 in that final.

  • On this Day 1976, Seychelles Got Her Independence

Seychelles, officially the RepublicofSeychelles lies 1,500 kilometers (932 mi) east of mainland Southeast Africa.

Seychelles has a population of about 90,024, been the smallest population of any African state.

On this day, Independence was granted to Seychelles in 1976 as a republic within the Commonwealth.

  • On This Day 1993, US Siamese Twins Angela and Amy Lakerberg Were Born

Angela and her twin, Amy, were born June 29, 1993, at Loyola University Medical Center in Maywood, Ill. Conjoined at the chest, they shared a malformed heart and a fused liver.

On August 20 1993, they were separated in an operation that lasted for five and a half hour, during which the twin Amy died.

Angela on the other hand lived for just 10 months after the operation, and died on 10th of June 1994, just 3 weeks shy of her birthday.


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