I’ve Registered But I've Not Received The Confirmation Code

  26 June 2015

One of the details required during registration of a bulk SMS account on SmartSMSSolutions is the phone number confirmation code. The purpose of this is to ensure the person registering is doing that with the correct phone number, since that is where the client gets credit alerts, notification of upcoming promos and other important information.


The confirmation code is automatically sent to the registered phone number instantly at the point of registration of the bulk SMS account. If you’ve gotten to that stage of the registration process and did not receive the confirmation code, do not panic, here is why that might occur and what you should do.




  • USING AN INCORRECT OR WRONG PHONE NUMBER: It has been observed from experience that many persons during the registration of their bulk SMS account, enters an incorrect phone number in the space provided for it. This sometimes might just be an omission and/or misplacement of a digit in the number. If a wrong phone number has been registered, the confirmation code will be sent to the number registered, and so the actual owner of the account will not get it. Also if the phone number is incorrect, maybe one or two digits were omitted, the confirmation code won’t be sent since the number is invalid.


  • SMS INBOX FULL: Some cases of confirmation codes not received at the point of registration streams from the fact that the person’s message inbox is full and therefore cannot receive messages. What that means is that the message actually got to the phone but could not deliver because there was no space.


  • NETWORK CHALLENGES FROM THE WEBSITE: In few cases, the website might be experiencing a temporary network issue at the point of registration which might bring a delay in delivering the confirmation code.


  • RECIPIENT’S PHONE NUMBER UNABLE TO RECEIVE MESSAGE DURING THE DELIVERY VALIDITY PERIOD: Sometimes, the phone number registered will be unavailable to receive text messages at the time of registration. This might be because the phone is switched off or out of network coverage. Since the code is supposed to be sent instantly at the point of registration, if the phone remains like that for a minimum period of 30 minutes, chances are the owner might not get the code again.




So if you are at the registration page and did not receive the confirmation code, all you have to do is put a call across to SmartSMSSolutions customer care centre and request for confirmation of your bulk SMS account. It could be done instantly for you even before you drop the call.

Once your phone number is confirmed after registration, you’ll receive free SMS units to test SmartSMSSolutions’ service. Also during your first purchase of SMS units, you’ll receive a 5% bonus on the total number of units you buy.

As previously mentioned, important information, updates, promos and alerts will also be sent to the phone number that has been registered. Such is the importance of confirming the phone number on your bulk SMS account.

If you have registered your bulk SMS account with a wrong or incorrect phone number, you can change the phone number registered to your bulk SMS account with a valid or correct one.

Use the comment box below to share your questions and inquiries about the points discussed above.



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