Composing an Informative Albeit Short Bulk SMS In Just a Page- 5 Tips That Can Help

  23 June 2015

The maximum number of characters which makes a page of message on SmartSMSSolutions is 160 characters. There are times though when you feel the information you wish to pass by means of your bulk Message won’t fit into a page and you wouldn’t want it to exceed a page. Here are 5 tips that could help you put in all that must be included while still keeping it at a page.


  • Make good use of acronyms : Many bulk SMS users today use acronyms to good and productive effects. There are so many information that could be passed across in few sentences with the use of acronyms. We’ve put together a list of common acronyms and what they stand for. When applicable, use of acronyms can help prune down the number of characters for your bulk SMS.
  • Use punctuations sparingly : Aside from strictly official text messages, where incorrect use of punctuations would be termed criminal, punctuations can be used sparingly to help get your bulk SMS out in a page or less. Some common punctuation marks used in normal letter writing or speech writing like the quotation mark, the exclamation mark, the colon e.t.c. can be left out when trying to keep the characters for your messages few. Do you know? The quotation mark (both single and double) accounts for 2 characters in your bulk SMS. If you want to make your bulk SMS a page, you might want to limit the use of punctuations.
  • Limit the use of ‘white space keys’ on the keyboard: These keys include the ‘alt’ key, the ‘space’ key, the ‘enter’ key e.t.c. These keys are characters on their own and may shoot your message beyond a page. Do you know? The ‘enter key’ on your keyboard accounts for 2 characters in your bulk SMS. So you could limit its use in your next bulk SMS.
  • Use camel case where and when applicable: Camel casing is a form of writing in which each letter of each word in a compound word begins with capital letter. As an example, a sentence that goes like this: “The man downstairs is a very good man” can be written using camel case in this way: “TheManDownstairs is a VeryGoodMan”. As such the characters used up by the ‘space key’ is reduced through the use of this style. Ofcourse, using this in message contents defies the rules of punctuations in English language. But whenever it could be used with no fuss, you could use it to manage the content of your bulk SMS and send lots of information out in just a page.
  • Keep your message short and straight to the point: Most marketing messages follow this idea. The underlying principle is to capture the attention of the readers through the use of few words. People usually might get turn off by long write ups, but when it’s short, it captures attention more. The secret? Leave out points that are not relevant and hit the nail on the head. By so doing, you could be killing two birds with a stone, i.e. keeping your bulk SMS in a page and equally getting the most persons to subscribe to it.

Following the suggestions given above could go a long way to ensure you can put all the details you have to get across in that single bulk SMS and still make it a page of message.

Well, on SmartSMSSolutions, you can monitor the number of characters your message contains, looking below the message box in your send SMS page. As such, you could tell when the message exceeds a page.

Are there other ways you send out your informative bulk SMS and still keep it in a page? Share them with us below. Also include what you think about the above suggestions.


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