What is Bulk SMS Sender ID?

  22 June 2015

Simply put, SMS sender ID is the name or number that appears as the source of the message when it is received. For customized bulk SMS, this could either be the name of a firm, an organization, an association, a business or governmental establishments e.t.c depending on the identity of the sender.

There are two forms of sender IDs, namely:


  • Numeric sender IDs and
  • Non-numeric or Alpha-numeric sender IDs

Numeric senders IDs are those in which the senders IDs are numbers e.g. phone numbers or other combinations of number. The characters for these ranges from 0-9. These are usually used by GSM operators as can be observed from messages received from these operators (i.e. MTN, GLO, ETISALAT, AIRTEL e.t.c). Some other registered firms, both private and government owned also have customized numbers they use as sender IDs for their messages.

Non-numeric senders IDs are those in which the senders IDs are letters/alphabets. The characters for these ranges from A-Z (either in lower cases or upper cases). Typical examples of those who use this are financial institutions (e.g. FirstBank, GtBank, ZenithBank e.t.c). Many businesses, organizations and firms also use this for their bulk SMS.

In SmartSMSSolutions, length of sender IDs is limited to the maximum number set by GSM standards which is 11characters. Many times though, your desired sender ID may be longer than the allowed 11 characters. In view of this, we’ve put together suggestions on how to increase the length of sender ID for bulk SMS.

There are also reasons why you should not use phone numbers as sender IDs for optimum delivery of your bulk SMS.

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Do you know of any tips or information about bulk SMS sender IDs that we have omitted, we would appreciate it if you take a moment to share them with us in the comment box below.


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