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“I Get Error 2904 While Trying to Send Bulk SMS”

  19 June 2015
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Usually, when you get the error 2904 response when trying to send bulk SMS, it is either because you are using the API to send your messages or using the mobile application. This error message has its meaning and there is a way to prevent and/or solve this.


When you try sending messages and get the error 2904, what it simply means is that “SMS sending failed”. Now the reasons why this might happen are:

  • Gateway timed out or Gateway down : What this means is that one server did not receive a timely response from another server that it was accessing while attempting to load the web page and so the server timed out. Ways to solve this are:

i). Retry the web page by pressing the refresh/reload button on your web page if you are using a computer, or try sending the message again if it’s a mobile app.

ii). Restart all your network services: If you are using a modem on a computer, it might be advisable to check the connection to ensure its working properly, and if you are using a phone, then you can check your internet connection possibly turning it off and on again.

  • A problem from the host website : If you try the above suggestions and you are still getting the response, it might be a problem from the host website if you are using the API. Most likely the website administrators are working at solving the root cause of the error, but you could also put a call across to the customer care lines of the host website to resolve the problem soonest.

When all the above suggestions are adhered to, the error 2904 message while sending bulk SMS can be avoided and/or corrected.

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If you’ve had an experience with this error message at time past, take a moment to share your experience with us using the comment box below.

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