How To Send Bulk SMS

  17 June 2015

Since the first text message was sent in the year 1992, bulk SMS has evolved into one of the major means of communication among young and old the world all over. SmartSMSSolutions offers an affordable and efficient bulk SMS platform for you to send your bulk SMS with fun, low cost and optimum convenience.

The process of sending bulk SMS on SmartSMSSolutions is a very easy one. Simply follow the steps enumerated below.


  • LOGIN to your bulk SMS account using your username and password. If you don’t have an account yet, click here to register.
  • Once in your account, click on SMS PORTAL on the menu bar
  • Then click on SEND SMS




  • On the send SMS page, input the SENDER ID for your message. The sender ID is what you want to appear to the receiver of the message as the source of that message. It could be your name, the name of a firm, business name or an association’s name, all depending on what you are using the message for.

  • In the next box, input the RECIPIENT(S) you want to send the message to in the format 080…., 070…., 081…., 090…., e.t.c. When sending to multiple numbers, you type all in the box separating each with a ‘comma’, ‘space’ or the ‘enter’ key. If you send bulk SMS to a particular group of persons, you could also copy the numbers from your account phonebookif you have numbers saved there already, by clicking inside the box below recipients, for more options. Or you could save them in the notepad on your computer and upload them whenever you need to.

  • Next, type the MESSAGE you want to send to the number(s) you’ve typed above. For a page of SMS, the characters have to be 160 or less. You can also monitor the number of characters you are typing by looking below the compose SMS box. If you have little idea on what you want to write, you can get lots of Sample SMS on different categories to choose from.
  • When that is done, click on SEND and the message gets pushed out to the recipient(s). If you want to schedule the message for a later delivery, or save a copy as draft, you click on MORE OPTIONS before sending to do that.

By following the steps given above, your recipients would get the message as soon as it is sent. There are some tips though to ensure fast delivery of your bulk SMS. Sticking with those requirements is all you need. Here at SmartSMS, we have an optimized system which ensures your messages get to its destination and instantly at that.

If you have any question or contribution on the process of sending SMS described above, share this with us in the comment box below.





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