“My Delivery Report Reads ‘Delivered’, But I Did Not Receive the Message”

  16 June 2015

With the provision on SmartSMSSolutions which allows you to check the delivery report for your sent bulk SMS, many of our registered clients now do this when they send their messages to confirm it has gotten to the recipients.

There are times though when the delivery report for your message(s) shows ‘Delivered’ but you, the sender, might not get the message on your own phone. Here is why that might be the case.

For one thing, before a sent message can get delivered on any phone number, the number must have been added to the recipients of the message. In line with this, below lies some of the reasons why the delivery report shows ‘Delivered’ but you did not receive the message(s).

The sender’s phone number wasn’t included: One reason why the sender of a message will not receive it on his own phone is if his phone number was not added to the list of recipients while sending the message. In such cases, the message got delivered to the recipients included while sending the message, and that is why the report correctly shows ‘Delivered’.

The sender of the message included a wrong phone number of his: There have been cases when the person sending a bulk SMS unwittingly added an incorrect phone number of himself when sending the message. This error might range from misplacement of some digits in the phone number to omission of one or more digits in the number. In cases where the digit(s) are misplaced, the delivery report showing Delivered shows that the message got to the phone number typed if it is a valid number, and if the number does not exist, as will be the case with numbers having omitted digits, then the message did not go through to that particular number as it isn’t valid.

The phone number has been ported: It has been observed that text messages don’t usually get delivered on ported phone numbers, and even when it does, it takes an uncharacteristically long time to get to the recipient(s)’s phone. So, if you’ve at one time ported your phone number to another network, the delivery report for your phone number might show ‘Delivered’ but you won’t get it.

The message inbox on your phone is full: Well, you are sure you entered the correct phone number of yours?  You’ve not ported your phone number at any time? The delivery report still shows ‘Delivered’ but you didn’t get the message on your phone?  Check your phone inbox. When the inbox of your phone has passed its threshold, messages that get delivered on your phone number won’t have the space to enter the phone. Therefore, to get more messages delivered inside the message inbox, you’ll have to delete some of the present messages to create more space.

The message application is frozen: On most android phones, there are times when the message app might be frozen or down. If you use a smart phone, you might get that response sometimes on the phone. All you have to do in such cases is to switch off the phone and put it on again, so the message app can refresh itself and the messages can pour in.

Since the delivery status for a message won’t show ‘Delivered’ unless it has actually gotten to the phone number in question, the bottom line is to ensure first and foremost that the phone number included as the recipient of the message is actually the correct one. And then the other factors such as full inbox and phone number portability could be considered.

For better understanding of what the different delivery status codes to a message mean, we have put together a list of delivery status codes and what they stand for. As such, you can tell which of your recipients gets your bulk SMS, and if there is any who didn’t get it, you can also tell why they didn’t.
Have you had this experience while sending bulk SMS before? Let us know what you think about the reasons given above using the comment box provided.


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