Scam Related Words GSM Operators Do Not Allow In Message Content And Alternatives

  10 June 2015


Scam messages are messages that are undesired and most times unsolicited by the recipients of the message used most times for commercial advertising for dubious purposes. To check this practice, the GSM operators have put up a filtering system that contains list of scam related words and therefore prevent messages having it  from getting delivered. Below is a list of words not allowed in the content of a message.

List of Banned Words as Message Content                                                           ALTERNATIVES

c0ngratulati0ns                                                                                                          Bravo

 pr0m0                                                                                                                     Bonanza

 w0n                                                                                                                        Gotten

 call                                                                                                                         Contact

Congratulations                                                                                                          Bravo

 MTN PROMO                                                                                                             Don't use

Congratulations                                                                                                          Bravo

 Promo                                                                                                                     Bonanza

 Won                                                                                                                       Gotten

 Call                                                                                                                        Contact

die 666                                                                                                                    Don't use

MTN RECHARGE AND WIN PR0M0                                                                                Don't use

pr0m0 prize                                                                                                              Bonanza prize

pr0m0 w0nprize                                                                                                        Bonanza receivedprize

 prom0 prize call                                                                                                       Bonanza prize contact

reply @                                                                                                                   Contact

wow                                                                                                                       Bravo

congrats                                                                                                                  Bravo

UTME                                                                                                                      U.T.M.E

POST UTME                                                                                                             POST U.T.M.E

JAMB                                                                                                                      J.A.M.B

utme                                                                                                                      u.t.m.e

post utme                                                                                                                post u.t.m.e

jamb                                                                                                                       j.a.m.b

promo                                                                                                                    bonanza

reward                                                                                                                    Compensation

mtn                                                                                                                        m.t.n

yellow                                                                                                                     yelow

Award Call                                                                                                               Award Contact

award call                                                                                                                award contact

 win                                                                                                                        get

The above list reveals that included among the list of words not allowed in the message content are: Words that have been used extensively and abused by Scammers e.g Congratulations, Win, Won, promo and other related words. Others are acronyms for government establishments e.g Utme, Jamb e.t.c, unique words use for brand recognition by network operators e.g Yellow(for MTN) e.t.c.

It should be noted though that this list varies for different GSM operators and usually MTN-NG are the most stringent in use of this filtering system. That means some of these words might be allowed to get delivered on other networks.

It is humanly impossible to get a full list of all these words not allowed by the network operators because the access to the database for this information is not open to the public, and these operators update the list frequently. So please note that a word rejected today might go through tomorrow, and one going through today might not be allowed the next day. At SmartSMS though, we endeavor to review our own list from time to time, ensuring to include any new ones added by the operator. That is why our filtering system has been designed to likewise alert our clients to possible words in their messages related to these words that might hinder the delivery of their messages. We've also put together a list of scam related words that network operators do not allow as messages sender ID.

Please, from your history through sending bulk SMS, use the comment box below to tell us any major word banned by the network operators that we might have omitted and share any suggestion(s) you have for us to help improve the content of our filtering system also, so we can help you avoid been charged for your bulk messages while they don’t get delivered.





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