How To Get Bulk SMS Units When Rain Locks You In

  09 June 2015

The rainy season is here again. It is a time which many persons had awaited with so much anticipation. While it is true that the advantages of this season are numerous, it also comes with its own ‘not too good’ moments. Like when you have an important thing to attend to and it locks you in. Those moments may be a good time to get in touch with friends and family though.

But what if you do not have bulk SMS units for your bulk SMS account and you can’t go out because of the rain? Should this stop you from sending SMS? It shouldn’t. See why the answer is No.

SmartSMSSolutions’ online automated payment system has made it very easy to buy bulk SMS units even at the comfort of your home. All you need is to own a bank account and have an ATM card. With these, you’re good to go. Simply visit to make the purchase. You will be requested to fill in your purchase ID for that transaction. And when other requirements are also filled in correctly, you get credited instantly with your bulk SMS units. For ease of transaction for our clients through this means, we’ve put together a comprehensive user guide to put you through the process. You could also call our special customer care agents in charge of online transactions on 08035515868 or 07034243326 to ask your questions and make your inquiries about this mode of payment.

With SmartSMSSolutions automated online payment system, there seems to be no circumstance that should prevent you from enjoying the pleasure of sending your bulk messages when they matter. When the rain starts pouring, sending messages just gets started.

Tell us what you think about the online payment for SMS units using QuickTeller, and your experience with that mode of payment in the comment box below. Do you know of other mode(s) of payment that you consider very convenient to use and guarantees instant crediting, share your ideas with us as a comment below.





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